17 Modern Bread Boxes To Store Your Favorite Carbs

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    Almost nobody can resist the smell of freshly baked bread but who has time to bake fresh bread every day? A bread box is one of the most underrated, and definitely underutilized food storage containers in today’s kitchens. Here are cool modern bread boxes to store your favorite carbs and keep bread fresh.

  1. Enamel Bread Box
  2. bread-box-vintage

    This rustic farmhouse bread storage box is finished in a vintage white enamelware with the word “Bread” in a pretty font. The top and bottom rim of the bin and lid are hand-painted to bring the whole design together and truly create a unique, imperfect, and modern take on this favorite. Each unit is crafted and painted by hand, no two will look alike.

  3. Homefavor Bread Bin
  4. bread-box-bin

    Bread needs free breath to keep the crust crisp. Some other breadbox has a tight seal to stop air ventilation which only increased the rate of moisture and make your bread soft and doughy quickly. Our bread box has a bamboo lid without a tight seal, so the moisture from bread could flow out and keep the box inner bread fresh for a long time. Never need to worry your bread goes stale quickly!

  5. Double Decker Wooden Bread Box
  6. modern-bread-box-double

    This 2-layer extra large bread box has a stylish contemporary design that works for more than just bread. It’s great as a kitchen or desktop organizer. Easy to clean, elegant design complements any kitchen, clever contemporary design with a vintage twist.

  7. Harter Bread Box
  8. bread-box-harter

    Keep freshly baked loaves, carefully crafted croissants, baguettes, dinner rolls and dainty danishes cool and dry in this charming bread box. Crafted from metal in a soothing gray hue, this design showcases the word “Bread” spelled out in script across the face of the box. A handsome bamboo lid helps keep the box’s contents covered and dry.

  9. Stainless Steel Bread Box with Bamboo Cutting Board
  10. bread-box-board

    Its easy access lid lets you dive right in and cut a piece when the urge strikes. And speaking of cutting, its base is actually a durable, stain-proof cutting board made of bamboo. And whether your kitchen aesthetic is a farmhouse, rustic, modern or traditional, this stainless steel bread box fits right in, like a piece of Italian bread at your family’s Friday night pasta dinner. Oh, and in addition to steering clear of stale bread, you can also store donuts and other pastries in here, too.

  11. Bread Bin With Bag
  12. modern-bread-bag

    The Crumb bread box is a piece of design for your kitchen and a real all-rounder that will keep your bread fresh for a long time. Perfect for storing bread, pastries, cakes, onions and potatoes. The bread container has special ventilation holes on three sides for optimum air circulation. 

  13. Farmhouse Bread Box
  14. modern-bread-box-farmhouse

    Our bread box is stylish and functional for your kitchen countertop. It will hold two full loaves of bread with extra space to spare.  This farmhouse bread box will look amazing with any kitchen decor, it also performs perfectly when keeping your bread fresh and moist.

  15. Carter Wood Bread Box
  16. bread-box-carterCreated exclusively for us by design maven Carter McGuyer, this clean, utilitarian bread box is crafted of solid rubberwood with a fitted lid that reverses to a conveniently integrated cutting board. Box’s design adapts to any décor to keep and store loaves of bread, muffins and bagels on the counter.

  17. Metal Bread Box
  18. bread-box-metal

    Yes, this really cute bread box will look amazing with any kitchen décor, but it also performs perfectly when keeping your bread fresh and moist. Our bread box will maintain the perfect humidity levels by letting just enough air to pass through the lid while trapping in enough moisture to keep your bread fresh for a long time.

  19. Castille Bread Box
  20. bread-box-bread-box

    Seamlessly combine modern charm, with versatile utility, with this bread box. With a simplistic design crafted from bamboo wood, in a natural finish, and a clear plastic front window on the lid. This piece can store two standard loaves of wheat, white, rye, or other types of bread. 

  21. Bloomingville Metal Bread Bin
  22. modern-bread-box-bloomingville

    Warm, thick-crusted, home-baked bread has no better place than in this lovely reproduction of a vintage bread box. Enameled and classically styled, this bread box will shine on any countertop!

  23. Harlen Bread Keeper
  24. modern-bread-bOX-BAMBOO

    Bamboo is the world’s fastest-growing wood, so it replenishes itself as fast as we all use it! the result is a well-priced, molded series that’s colorfast, durable, dishwasher safe, has unique textures and appearance, and is a true cutting-edge product. bamboo fiber tablewares are made of 80% bamboo fiber, blended with a 20% food-safe bonding material.

  25. Modern Sleek 
  26. bread-box-modern

    This box creates a stylish and functional kitchen storage solution that easily blends with any modern kitchen. It provides plenty of room for storing bread, pastries, and snacks in the kitchen or pantry. It also can be handy for stashing away extra office supplies, arts, and crafts, sewing notions or use it as a toolbox in the garage to store hardware and woodworking gadgets. The lid smoothly opens and closes so stored items are easily accessible and neatly concealed while being protected from dust and debris.

  27. Fegley Fall Front Bread Box
  28. bread-box-fergy

    The bread box is constructed from bamboo, which makes it strong and durable. The natural finish of the bread box blends well with other accessories in the kitchen. For easy access, the bread box has a convenient door with a knob and a baseboard that can be pulled out. It helps protect the bread from heat and sunlight. When required, you can wipe it clean with a mild cloth to keep it looking as good as new for a long time.

  29. Yellow Bread Box
  30. bread-box-yellow

    This large bread bin is made of powder-coated yellow, with a polished finish that looks just great. Thanks to its supreme quality make sure that your new bread box will never rust, corrode or lose its shine. This bright box is made to last for years keeping all your baked goods fresh and tasty!

  31. Alessi Modern Box
  32. bread-box-alessi

    Keep your bread and biscuits fresh in the Gnam Bread Bin. Its smooth design and oval shape and white finish make it a perfect fit for kitchen counters. The Gnam Bread Box by Alessi is simply a funky bread bin. Rounded and glossy White, the Gnam is a modern eye-catcher, space age-styled piece with a spacious dimension.

  33. Brabantia Roll Top Lid
  34.  bread-box-roll-top

    A bread box that doesn’t take up extra space in your kitchen! The Brabantia Roll Top Bread Bin has a flat top, so you can store canisters, etc.on top of it. Keep your bread items fresh and within easy reach with the Brabantia Roll Top Bread Box. It is available in various finishes, which allows you to choose the one that best suits your kitchen!