54 Cooking Gifts For Men That Will Really Light Their Fire

Updated on January 25, 2024 Updated on Jan 25, 2024
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    How many kitchen gadgets does a home cook need? More, too many are not enough! Whether you’re looking for a gift that will make cooking more accessible, more fun, or something that will give them fresh inspiration, we have cooking gifts that will light their fire in the kitchen. Maybe your home chef will even whip up a little something for you!


    What are the best cooking gifts for a home chef?

    Are you looking to wow that kitchen maestro in your life? High-quality chef’s knives or a sleek cast iron skillet can elevate any culinary creation. Consider a nifty digital meat thermometer; it’s like giving the gift of perfectly cooked dishes every time. Have you ever thought of artisanal spice sets? They’re the secret sauce to making any meal pop! And, of course, a trendy apron – because looking cool while cooking is a thing.

    Our gift guide will help you find the best cooking gift for your favorite home chef. Bon appétit.

  1. Cookbook Stand
  2. cooking-gifts-stand

    As fun as it is to look at recipes online, nothing beats a physical cookbook. This cookbook stand will make cooking from your favorite cookbooks easier and cleaner, with no more spills or sticky pages! The stand is adjustable for the easiest-to-read angle and can hold a tablet, too. 

  3. Stoneware Olive Oil and Vinegar Decanters
  4. cooking-gifts-containers

    Foodies know that good olive oil and vinegar are must-haves. This set of decanters will give those prized liquids the stylish home they deserve while preserving their quality. The bottles are microwave and dishwasher-safe and include the wooden tray they sit on. This gift set makes a beautiful holiday gift. 

  5. Mixing Bowls
  6. cooking-gifts-bowls

    These ceramic mixing bowls are beautiful and functional. They hold 4.25, 2, and 0.5 quarts, respectively. They are microwave- and dishwasher-safe and can be nested for easy storage. These bowls are great for gifting, perfect for mixing, needing, and serving. 

  7. Custom Recipe Tea Towel
  8. cooking-gifts-towel

    Another gift for those who love handwritten recipes! This tea towel can be printed with their favorite recipe in the very handwriting it was written in. The towel can be customized in several other ways, too, ensuring that it’s a very personal, unique gift that is sure to touch their heart. 

  9. Custom Recipe Tea Towel
  10. cooking-gifts-towel

    Another gift for those who love handwritten recipes! This tea towel can be printed with their favorite recipe in the very handwriting it was written in. The towel can be customized in several other ways, too, ensuring that it’s a very personal, unique gift that is sure to touch their heart. 

  11. Scrap Collector
  12. cooking-gifts-scrap-collector

    This handy gadget makes kitchen clean-up easier! The bowl can be hooked under the counter, over a drawer, or door, and the scraping tool helps sweep food scraps right in. No more running to the trash can with egg white dripping down your arm! The bowl can hold up to two quarts of food scraps. 

  13. Instant Marinator


    Marinating meat can take several hours, even overnight, in some cases. When you want to get dinner on the table, you don’t have time for that! This marinator can do the job in just five minutes! The secret is the vacuum pump. The marinate is dishwasher-safe.

  15. Grating Plate


    I had never seen one of these until I visited a friend who has enough kitchen gadgets to stock a Williams-Sonoma, and she used one. This is a grater plate! It can grate fresh garlic, hard cheeses, nutmeg, and more. The handmade ceramic plate includes a brush to get every speck off the plate and a peeler to make peeling garlic a breeze. 

  17. Condiment Dish


    This dish is a piece of art! Created by Canadian artisans of stoneware pottery, it can hold condiments, toppings, dips, nuts, and other snacks. It is microwave- and dishwasher-safe and comes with a rosewood serving spoon. 

  19. Bacon Grease Crock
  20. cooking-gifts-grease-holder

    Cooking with good old-fashioned bacon grease is much healthier and tastier than industrial seed oils like corn and canola. This grease crock holds all of the deliciousness! The container is enamel over steel and includes a filter for removing solids that can cause the grease to spoil. The receptacle holds 3.25 cups and is the perfect gift for the keto cook in your life! 

  21. Single-Use Biodegradable Grill 
  22. cooking-gifts-grill

    This is an excellent gift for someone without room for a grill or someone having a party who doesn’t need a grill full-time. This grill is single-use, and the components are biodegradable. There is no need for lighter fluid; hold a match to the four corners of the coals, and they’ll light. This is great for a Korean BBQ dinner. 

  23. Meat Thermometer


    Even long-time cooks sometimes have trouble judging when a piece of meat or fish is perfectly done. If you cut into it to check, all the juices run out! This wireless thermometer comes to the rescue! There are four probes so that you can monitor multiple foods simultaneously.

  25. Pie Dish


    This pie pan is as beautiful as their pies, and they are delicious! Made of ceramic, it measures nine inches. The smooth glaze makes the surface nonstick, and the pan can also be used for frittatas and quiches. 

  27. Recipe Box


    There is something special about handwritten recipes, and many people have recipe cards handed down over the years from family members. This box will keep them safe! The box includes 25 4 x 6-inch cards for new recipes and seven dividers to keep things organized. 

  29. Wine Pairing Tea Towels
  30. cooking-gifts-towels


    Knowing a lot about food doesn’t necessarily mean knowing wine and what foods and wines pair best. Consider these towels your cheat sheet! The towels show which red and white wines go best with main dishes and appetizers. These make a cute hostess gift. 

  31. Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Set
  32. cooking-gifts-salt-grater

     It’s not just pepper that’s better when it’s freshly ground; the same goes for salt! And pink Himalayan sea salt is prized among cooks. This unique piece is a salt grater, providing finely ground salt for finishing sweet and savory dishes. It’s also an elegant conversation piece. The grater and stand come with a block of salt. 

  33. Tortilla Press
  34. cooking-gifts-press

    Take taco night up a notch with handmade tortillas! The cast-iron press is already seasoned, measures 8 inches, and includes 100 pieces of parchment paper. The press can also be used for hand-pie shells, tostones, dumplings, rotis, and more. 

  35. Sushi Making Kit
  36. cooking-gifts-sushi-kit

    Making sushi at home is fun and easier than you might expect if you have the right tools! This sushi-making kit gives you those tools. The kit has 20 pieces, including a roller, bamboo mats, rice mold, rice paddle, chopsticks, soy sauce dishes, and a guidebook.

  37. Harry Potter Utensils
  38. kitchen-gifts-utensils


    What else would you use to whip up a batch of pumpkin pasties? Harry Potter fans will go wild for these embossed wooden kitchen utensils. Each piece is made of bamboo, which protects your pots and pans from scratches. 

  39. Baguette Miter 
  40. cooking-gifts-miter

    A perfect baguette is beautiful and should be treated as such. This baguette miter allows for perfect, even slices, the kind of dignity this bread deserves! The miter is made of acacia wood and has a metal grommet to hang in the kitchen as a neat conversation piece. 

  41. Fermentation Crock


    Fermenting foods is excellent for your health and your wallet! Fermented foods are full of healthy bacteria for your gut, and fermenting preserves foods for a long time. This kit includes all the tools needed to ferment at home to make things like kimchi, Sauer kraut, pickles, and more. The crock can hold just over three pounds of vegetables. 

  43. Butter Keeper
  44. cooking-gifts-butter-keeper

    Hard butter is terrible- it tears up your toast! This butter keeper allows your butter to stay on the counter at room temperature while staying fresh. The bamboo lid has a rubber seal to keep air out and includes a butter-spreading knife. This cute crock is available in several colors. 

  45. Berry Bowl


    This bowl is handmade by a master potter. It is used to wash and store fresh berries. The holes allow water and liquid to drain away, so the berries stay fresh for longer. The bowl is dishwasher- and microwave-safe. 

  47. Honey Dispenser
  48. cooking-gifts-honey-dispenser

    Honey deserves better than a plastic bear squeezy bottle! Store honey in this pretty and functional dispenser instead. The glass container prevents sticky leaks and drips. Squeeze the lever, and the honey comes out the bottom. Release and the valve will close instantly. The dispenser can also hold syrup, sugar, and chocolate syrup. 

  49. Spoon Rest 
  50. cooking-gifts-spoon-rest

    A spoon rest is another great way to keep the kitchen clean while cooking. The hummingbird spoon rest is ceramic and will be a hit with cooks and hummingbird lovers! The rest measures 5.25 inches in diameter.

  51. BBQ Set
  52. cooking-gifts-bbq-set

    If cooking is fun, grilling is even more fun because it involves fire! This grilling set is perfect for the big weekend BBQ or just dinner on a Tuesday. The set includes 20 stainless steel pieces, all of the basics, and more, and everything can be stored and carried in the handy case. 

  53. Knife Set
  54. cooking-gifts-knife-set


    A good knife set makes cooking so much easier and more enjoyable. Upgrade their cooking experience with this set. The set includes a Chef’s knife, a slicing knife, a Santoku knife, a utility knife, a paring knife, six steak knives, kitchen shears, and a wooden knife block. The knives are made of high-carbon Japanese steel that is rust-proof and durable. 

  55. Dutch Oven
  56. cooking-gifts-dutch-oven

    A Dutch oven is one of the most valuable pieces of cookware a home chef can own because it’s so versatile. This six-quart oven is made of cast iron with an enamel coating that provides a nonstick cooking surface. It is available in several colors. 

  57. Personalized Casserole Dish 
  58. cooking-gifts-dish

    Never lose your casserole dish at a potluck again! This ceramic dish can be personalized with a name and a special message. It measures three quarts and is available in three colors and a lasagna size. 

  59. Cast Iron Skillet
  60. cooking-gifts-cast-iron-skillet

    A cast-iron skillet can last a lifetime when properly cared for and provides a nonstick cooking surface and even temperature for better cooking. This skillet measures 10.25 inches and comes pre-seasoned, ready to hit the stovetop out of the box. 

  61. Cast Iron Care Set
  62. cooking-gifts-soap

    This set is just what they need to make their cast iron last a lifetime and beyond. The products restore and remove rust spots, clean with an oil-based soap free of ingredients that damage cast iron and a plant-based oil for seasoning and conditioning. 

  63. Air Fryer
  64. cooking-gifts-fryer

    An air fryer is an excellent gift for those trying to make their cooking healthier. It gives foods that crispy, deep-fried texture with a small amount of oil. An air fryer can also grill, roast, and bake foods. This four-quart fryer is available in several colors. 

  65. Instant Pot
  66. cooking-gifts-instant-pot

    An Instant Pot can replace many other kitchen gadgets and is a great gift idea for the home cook without much countertop space. An Instant Pot is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, saute pot, yogurt maker, sterilizer, and warmer all in one! This pot is six quarts. 

  67. Waffle Maker
  68. cooking-gifts-waffle-maker

    This Cuisinart waffle maker is stainless steel with a nonstick griddle plate with four quarters. There is an indicator light, so you don’t have to set a timer and five settings to get your preferred browning level on every batch.

  69. Sous Vide Cooker
  70. cooking-gifts-sous-vide

    A sous vide cooker gives you tender, juicy food each time and locks in all the nutrients. This machine can be controlled anywhere via Wi-Fi. It will shut off automatically and notify you when the water level sinks lower than it should be. 

  71. Ice Cream Maker
  72. cooking-gifts-ice-cream-maker

    Making ice cream used to be very labor-intensive and required lots of ice. This Cuisinart ice cream machine eliminates both! The machine makes DIY ice cream in about 20 minutes and can make up to 1.5 quarts. 

  73. Toaster 
  74. cooking-gifts-toaster

    This is more than just a toaster. It can also reheat and defrost things. And it’s a “smart” toaster. When on the bagel setting, it will heat both sides and toast just the cut side! The toaster has extra-wide slots to accommodate thicker items like bagels and waffles and has seven browning settings. 

  75. Utensil Holder
  76. cooking-gifts-holder

    This ceramic holder is a beautiful way to store wooden spoons, spatulas, zesters, and other cooking utensils. The bottom is lined with cork, so it won’t scratch the countertops. The holder is available in two sizes, 6.2 and 7.2 inches. 

  77. Rolling Pin
  78. cooking-gifts-rolling-pin

    Kitchen tools can be beautiful and valuable! This marble rolling pin is so pretty they won’t want to stick it on the cabinet. Marble rolling pins are heavier than wooden ones, making rolling out dough easier and smoother. The wooden holder is perfect for displaying the rolling pin on the countertop. 

  79. Mandoline
  80. cooking-gifts-mandoline

    I love this Oxo mandoline. My knife skills aren’t good enough to get the thin slices you need to make things like pommes, Anna, and French onion soup, but this mandoline gives me skinny veggie slices with no cut fingers. The slicer has settings for three slice sizes. 

  81. Grinder
  82. cooking-gifts-grinder

    Dedicated cooks know that fresh is best, so this grinder is one of the best gifts you could give them. The machine can grind spices, coffee and espresso beans, nuts, and more. It is easy to use: add the item to the container, put it on the lid, and press! 

  83. Herb Stripper
  84. cooking-gifts-herb-stripper

    You’ll know why this is an excellent gift if you’ve picked thyme leaves off the stalk for a recipe. Just put herbs or greens like kale through the hole and pull; the part you want is free of the stems! The flat edge can also be used to mince herbs and includes a cover to protect the blade.

  85. Onion Keeper 
  86. cooking-gifts-onion-keeper

    This cute keeper will keep your onions fresh, and help contain the smell so it doesn’t impact other items in the refrigerator. The keeper is BPA-free and dishwasher-safe. It can also store other fresh foods like lemons, peppers, and tomatoes. 

  87. Measuring Cups
  88. cooking-gifts-measuring-spoons

    Home cooks and professional chefs love Le Creuset, thanks to the brand’s high-quality cooking items. These stainless steel measuring cups are dishwasher safe and make excellent stocking stuffers for your favorite cook. 

  89. Measuring Spoons
  90. cooking-gifts-spoons

    Happy kitties! Cooks and cat lovers alike will appreciate this cute set of measuring spoons. The four spoons are made of ceramic and come tied with a ribbon to hang up as part of the kitchen decor when not in use. 

  91. Destination Cutting Board


    This bamboo cutting board features Vermont’s places and attractions. It is laser engraved on one side and smooth on the other. The map side makes it an attractive piece of home decor, and the other makes it an excellent cutting or serving board. Several states are available.

  93. Cheese Board
  94. cooking-gifts-slate-board

    A slate cheese board is always an elegant addition to a table. This board includes four cheese tools and two pieces of soapstone chalk to label the items. The rope handles make it easy to carry from the kitchen to the table. The board measures 10 x 15 inches. 

  95. Cheese Print


    This print makes a lovely piece of kitchen decor. And who doesn’t love being reminded how great cheese is? This print is on heavy-duty card stock and measures 8×10 inches. 

  97. Sugar Bowl Snow Globe
  98. cooking-gifts-sugar-bowl

    Is it a snow globe or a sugar bowl? It’s both! This globe can be turned upside down to get a spoonful of sugar or salt. This makes a fun Christmas gift for your favorite cook.

  99. Kid’s Cooking Set 
  100. cooking-gifts-toy-set

    Check out this idea if you have a little cook on your gift-shopping list! This set includes an apron, a chef’s hat, an oven mitt, a potholder, cooking utensils, and a cookbook. Getting kids in the kitchen is a great way to teach them healthy food and financial habits. 

  101. Grocery Totes
  102. cooking-gifts-bags

    These grocery totes have it all! They’re flat-bottomed, which keeps items from getting squished or falling over. They’re also washable, so cleaning up is easy if something leaks. The bags are water-resistant and collapsible, so they don’t take up much room when stored. 

  103. Odor Eliminating Candle
  104. cooking-gifts-candle

    Certain foods taste great, but their cooking smells can linger. If you’ve ever cooked fish, you understand! The soy wax candle neutralizes smells from cooking, smoke, trash, and more. The candle is scented with natural plant oils that are non-toxic and safe for children and pets. 

  105. Stainless Steel Soap
  106. cooking-gifts-soap

    The smell of foods like garlic and onion is hard to get off your hands no matter how many times you wash it. But oddly, rubbing your hands with stainless steel immediately removes those smells. I don’t know how it works, but it does! Run your hands and the bar under water and rub for 30 seconds, and you’re done! 

  107. Silicone Storage Bags
  108. cooking-gifts-bags

    Single-use plastic storage bags are terrible for the environment and not great for your food. These bags will eliminate both problems. They are reusable; because they’re thicker than traditional bags, they protect your food from freezer burn. There are eight bags, each holding one gallon. The order includes a metal drying rack. 

  109. Coffee Mug
  110. cooking-gifts-mug

    Any avid bakers or cupcake lovers on your gift list will appreciate this cute coffee mug. The ceramic mug holds 11 ounces of coffee or their favorite drink.