20 Laundry Room Wall Decor To Make Wash, Dry, Fold More Fun

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    You spend enough time in the laundry room; it’s time to give it some home decor it deserves! If you are designing a laundry room for a new home or giving your current space a makeover, we found some cute laundry room wall decor ideas. Let these wall decor ideas for the laundry room help you upgrade your walls significantly.

  1. Laundry Symbols Sign
  2. laundry-room-wall-decor-symbols

    American artist Kelly Bernal designed this laundry room decor sign. Includes all of the essential laundry symbols, giving a visual guide to the laundry labels on your clothing; it’s a great decoration for your laundry room. The laundry symbols wall art with a reclaimed white wood background creates an antique look and feel and gives a sweet touch of farmhouse laundry room style

  3. Funny Wall Decal
  4. laundry-room-wall-decor-wall-decal

    “It All Comes Out In The Wash” is an easy-to-install sticker that will bring a smile to your face while adding interest and charm to your home. This adage speaks to a more profound truth, reminding us that regardless of whether we worry, things generally have a way of working out. We love these sayings in our homes because they help us focus our attention and remind us how beautiful life can be when we just let go and believe.

  5. Fun Laundry Art Prints
  6. laundry-room-wall-decor-fun-prints

    Wash, dry, fold, and repeat are essential parts of everyday life. This unique set of prints will make the time spent in the laundry room a little brighter. The pearl prints have a unique sheen for stunning impact & depth. The surface is smooth, but it will reflect a wonderful luster.

  7. Wall Shelf
  8. laundry-room-wall-decor-shelf

    Organize everything in one spot! The wooden-base roomy basket holds your iron, travel steamer, starch, and spray bottle perfectly, while the two long metal hooks can hang your ironing board. 

  9. Sole Mates Sock Basket
  10. laundry-room-wall-decor-basket

    All those single socks will find their “soulmate” in the wall hanging basket. This lost socks laundry sign and the basket is the perfect finishing touch to laundry room organization. It can be used in a rustic, farmhouse, vintage, or shabby chic theme laundry rooms. Perfectly functional laundry room wall art!

  11. Mirror Decal
  12. laundry-room-wall-decor-mirror

    Laundry wall decor that will give you just the compliment you need. Also cute for a bathroom wall or even in the living room.

  13. Funny Modern  Farmhouse Sign
  14. laundry-room-wall-decor-dirty

    “The laundry is looking at me dirty again” is an easy way to add quirky humor to your wall. It Makes everyone laugh as soon as they walkthrough. Made from manufactured wood for a rustic look, the black and white wall decor is an affordable way to give your laundry room a farmhouse feel. It is easy to hang as well as able to stand on shelves.

  15. Help Wanted
  16. laundry-room-wall-decor-help-wanted

    Break up the monotony of your chores with this adorable sign! Reading, “Laundry Room- Help wanted, no applicant will be refused! A welcoming laundry room sign will encourage everyone in the house to participate in chores (as if).

  17. Laundry Basket Metal Sign
  18. laundry-room-wall-decor-metal-sign

    No matter what interior design aesthetic you have in your home, this sign will look great!. The simple classic typography will look great hanging on the wall, over the washing machine, or on the door.

  19. So Fresh, So Clean Wall Art Set
  20. laundry-room-wall-decor-so-fresh-so-clean

    Add trendy typography and a comical theme to your laundry room with the “So Fresh/So Clean” Wall Art. Let these wall decals for the bathroom help you upgrade your walls in a significant way.

  21. Vintage Art Set
  22. laundry-room-wall-decor-vintage-art

    Give your laundry room a vintage vibe with these fabulous prints. Each set is handmade in the USA and is made of luster finish Fuji Crystal Archive photo paper resulting in the highest resolution, definition, and clarity possible.

  23. Lint Trash Lost And Found Tray
  24. Your laundry room needs love, too! This retro room decor will instantly turn chaotic washer and dryer surfaces into the spotless spaces they were meant to be, with two cool bins. The large bin is a must for lint and used dryer sheets, while the smaller basket or small trash can makes the perfect laundry room sign for storing keys, coin holder, loose change, dryer ball, and other items from your car and home that find their way into your pockets before a wash.

  25. Wash, Dry, Fold, Repeat Wood Signs
  26. laundry-room-wall-decor-rustic-wood

    This set includes four pieces of wooden laundry room decor with a lovely farmhouse style. Each sign comes with hangers for easy wall mount, it can also be applied as a freestanding sign on your tabletop or shelf. Its made of wood material, featuring good corrosion resistance.

  27. Brushed Gold Hanger Hook
  28. laundry-room-wall-decor-hanger
    This folding clothing rack gives you almost 12 inches of hanger space for fresh dry cleaning, hang dry only items, or other delicate items. The rack is constructed of solid brass, which can hold up to about 60 pounds of weight. It also collapses to give you extra room to organize your clothes in the laundry room or other small spaces.

  29. Alexa Do The Laundry
  30. laundry-room-wall-decor-alexa

    This funny box sign will look cute with your other laundry room decor and accessories. It will compliment your other rustic, country, vintage, or modern farmhouse decorations. This cute block sign will add charm to any shelf, countertop, or laundry room wall sign with a trendy quote that will make your family and friends laugh, “Alexa, Do the Laundry”.

  31. Galvanized Wall Basket
  32. laundry-room-wall-decor-baskets

    These vintage-style baskets toe the line between traditional style and modern, adding character without looking outdated. In the laundry  bathroom, you can put toilet paper, hand towels, air freshener, etc. In the kitchen, It can hold the seasoning bottles and kitchen supplies. In living room, it can be used as a wall planter. Also perfect for bedroom, laundry room, garage, hobby and craft room, office, mudroom and entryways.

  33. Vintage Iron Sign
  34. laundry-room-wall-decor-stain-vintage

    Shaped like an iron, this sign reads, “Laundry Service” and features nostalgic shades of blue, black, and white. With the vintage iron design and old-fashioned typography, this wall art will make the mundane laundry chores feel a little less dull.

  35. Stain Removal Guide
  36. laundry-room-wall-decor-stain-removal

    This decorative wall sign is perfect to place in your laundry room to reference when removing different types of stains. Choose from a wall plaque, stretched canvas, framed.

  37. Loads Of Fun
  38. laundry-room-wall-decor-loads

    Add a whimsical touch to your laundry room with this sarcastic sign. Each one is unique and has been hand distressed to have as much character as you. This punny sign will give the space some character.

  39. Giant Clothespins
  40. laundry-room-wall-decor-pins

    Decor that is fun and functional! This 12-inch natural wood giant clothespins are strong enough to support bath towels and jackets. Made from craft wood clothespins are unfinished wood blocks that can be painted or dyed to match any decoration.