15 Fun Melamine Plastic Dinnerware Sets For Your Next Backyard Shindig

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    Looking for some fun dinnerware that is resuable and not breakable? Melamine feels like ceramic but is lighter and less prone to chipping and breaking and is suitable for casual use indoors and outdoors. Give your next outdoor dinner party or BBQ a little flair with one of these fun and functional melamine plastic dinnerware plate sets.

  1. Palm Outdoor Plate Set
  2. melamine-plastic-dinnerware-palm

    Not all plate and bowl sets give you the convenience of indoor & outdoor use. This melamine plastic dish set is intended for both! Enjoy an indoor dinner with your loved ones or take them outside for a beautiful summertime sunset dinner. Take this lightweight set camping with you and bring style to the great outdoors.

  3. Strata Dinner Set
  4. melamine-plastic-dinnerware-strata

    These versatile dinnerware sets are inspired by the beauty of the Mediterranean seaside, the eye-catching, contemporary feel of bright geometric patterns, and the simple appeal of classic textured tableware. Designed for casual use, melamine is lighter and more durable than ceramic, yet maintains a similar look and feel. The versatility of our melamine sets means that they can be used for many occasions, and they are especially suitable for outdoor use or for casual indoor dining.

  5. Pretty Leaves Set
  6. melamine-plastic-dinnerware-leaves

    The set’s unique design tastefully layers together and makes a wonderful addition to existing dinnerware pieces, table linen, and surrounding decor. Just put into the dishwasher for a fast and easy cleaning method, you can clean it very easily. The best part is that it won’t retain odors.

  7. Modern Melamine Plate Set
  8. melamine-plastic-dinnerware-gray

    This melamine dinnerware set is a great way to add style to any table setting. All items in the collection are made of durable heavyweight Melamine that mimics the look of Quality ceramics while being chip resistant and break-resistant. The dinnerware is perfect for both indoor and outdoor dining and will give you years of service. 

  9. Camp Dinnerwear
  10. melamine-plastic-dinnerware-camp

    Ahh yes, that classic camping enamelware. White speckles and an oh-so-forties-vintage flair. This dinnerware gives you the same old look and feel without the risk of rust. Melamine is virtually unbreakable, dishwasher safe, and all-around kid-friendly, making it perfect for casual dining whether indoors or out (but seriously, when the weather’s nice, it’s outside all the way).

  11. Hydrangea Plate Set
  12. melamine-plastic-dinnerware-flower

    Whether it’s for a wedding, picnic, party, or family dinner, this multicolor floral hydrangea dinnerware set is the perfect dish set for your event. This dinnerware set features a unique floral design giving a vintage feel. 

  13. Nautical Plate Set
  14. melamine-plastic-dinnerware-nautical

    The set is white with a navy blue anchor design. The durable dinnerware is great for boats, RVs, and camping. The Marine Dinner Set is easy to clean and top-rack dishwasher safe, and BPA free.

  15. On The Road Set
  16. melamine-plastic-dinnerware-pineapple

    Camping has never been cooler with this vintage-inspired 100% melamine dish set! Perfect for usable camping, tailgating, you name it! They all fit neatly into a reusable cardboard carry-all.

  17. Modern Beams Set
  18. melamine-plastic-dinnerware-beams

    Bring an elegant sense of contemporary style to the kitchen, dining room, or even the breakfast nook with this everyday AmazonBasics dinnerware set. A nice choice for family meals and casual gatherings, the 18-piece set includes six place settings, each with a dinner plate, salad plate, and bowl.

  19. Rustic Farmhouse Dinner Set
  20. melamine-plastic-dinnerware-farmhouse

    Give your next outdoor dinner party a rustic touch with this set. It’s is heavyweight, and durable – perfect for home, dorm rooms, camping, picnics, beach and vacations. Melamine is a plastic material that feels like ceramic but is lighter and less prone to chipping and breaking than ceramic.

  21. Faux Wood Melamine Set
  22. melamine-plastic-dinnerware-wood

    These woodgrain melamine bowls are sturdy and stylish. These indoor/outdoor melamine dishes are crafted with the richly grained appearance of natural wood. Finished with a weathered wash, they’re ideal for all occasions—from tailgating parties to outdoor dining. 

  23. Pineapple Plate Set
  24. melamine-plastic-dinnerware-pineapple

    The pineapple is a funky shaped fruit known for being a sign of welcome and hospitality making this dinner set great for your next backyard party.

  25. Marble Dinner Plate Set
  26. melamine-plastic-dinnerware-marble

    Marble dinnerware could perfectly suit your next outdoor shindig and add a touch of sophistication to the table setting. This melamine dinnerware set is a great choice to everyday decor or special occasions for both indoor and outdoor entertaining.

  27. Classic Blue Melamine Set
  28. melamine-plastic-dinnerware-classic

    This classic blue plate set has a calm and tranquil nautical aquatic theme that brightens up any meal setting.
    Bring some glam to your next BBQ or everyday meals and not worry about nicks chips or breakage. 

  29. Colorblock Set
  30. This set is a little pricer but these bold colors will brighten up any party. If you’re inspired by bright pops of color and bold style when it comes to your dinnerware, then look no further than the Thomas Fuchs Creative Two-Tone Dinner Plate – Set of 4. These dinner plates, designed by Thomas Fuchs, are made from poured melamine, so their brilliant color won’t fade.