Sunflower Kitchen Decor That Will Bring In The Sunshine

Updated on April 28, 2020 Updated on Apr 28, 2020
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    Add some warmth and a touch of the sun into your home with some cheerful sunflowers. Spread the sunshine! Here are 21 bright sunflower kitchen decor ideas that will add some sunshine to your home.

  1. Sunflower Everything Spoonrest
  2. sunflower-kitchen-decor-spoon

    The Everything Spoon is a must-have stylish and versatile kitchen utensil. The engraved metal spoon may be used as a small spoon rest, tea bag holder, or tablespoon for measuring coffee or baking ingredients. A highly polished silver-tone finish and detailed engravings make this piece an elegant and functional addition to your kitchen countertop.

  3. Trivet
  4. sunflower-kitchen-decor-trivet

    Add a touch of botanical bliss to your kitchen with the help of this sunflower inspired trivet. Its durable construction allows you to use it was a potholder too. Its ornate, sunflower pattern doubles as stylish tableware and makes it both a beautiful addition to the kitchen and dining room for both everyday use and special occasion.

  5. Paper Towel Holder
  6. sunflower-kitchen-decor-paper-towel-holder

    This unique paper towel holder features beautifully detailed sunflowers and greenery. The dimensional flowers are handpainted with an antique finish. Holds one standard paper towel roll.

  7. Sunflower Kitchen Rug
  8. sunflower-kitchen-decor-rug

    Cheery and vibrant, this sweet doormat is full of personality. It’s rugged texture, and non-slip back effectively stores dirt and moisture beneath shoe level. This sunflower doormat will happily welcome guests to your home.

  9. Flower Power Soap Dispenser
  10. sunflower-kitchen-decor-soap

    Ergonomic, sunflower-shaped dish brush backed with non-scratch nylon bristles; picket fence caddy provides a perfect spot to store sponges. Durable, lightweight dishwashing organizer designed for everyday use.  Each set includes one scrub brush, one sponge, and one soap dispenser with an integrated storage tray.

  11. Handpainted Salt and Pepper Shakers
  12. sunflower-kitchen-decor-shakers

    No summer table setting is complete without this salt and pepper shaker set. These glass shakers are perfect for adding a touch of nature to your patio or indoor table. The vibrant handpainted sunflower design will pop with your casual dishware or serve as a quirky accent at your next family meal. 

  13. Watercolor Spoon Rest
  14. sunflower-kitchen-decor-spoon-rest

    Sunflower Spoon Rest features a beautiful watercolor illustration of a sunflower decorating the surface. Give this wonderful functional décor item as a gift, or use it in your own home to bring the beauty and joy of the sunflower into your kitchen. This ceramic stoneware spoon rest is the perfect kitchen accent and a great gift or a flower lover.

  15. Napkin Holder
  16. sunflower-kitchen-decor-napkin-rings

    Give your dining table an upscale rustic look. These handcrafted sunflower napkin rings are handpainted. Stylish to jazz up your table setting for special dinners.

  17. Sunflower Floral Arrangement in Pumpkin Pot
  18. sunflower-kitchen-decor-pumpkin-pot

    This mini heirloom pumpkin centerpiece will bring a chic and festive look to any tabletop. It will go with any kitchen decor from modern to rustic. Great fall decor for your kitchen or dining table.

  19. Van Gogh Coaster Set
  20. sunflower-kitchen-decor-coasters

    Through innovative brushstrokes and vivid color, Vincent van Gogh transformed casual bouquets, country landscapes, and ordinary people into vibrant, unforgettable images. Our coasters feature details from Van Gogh’s sunflowers.

  21. Vintage Wall Hook
  22. sunflower-kitchen-decor-hook

    This metal sunflower wall hook is a vividly crafted and handpainted kitchen decoration for home. Great for hanging your oven mitt or dishtowel in the kitchen but this sunflower decoration livens up your home anywhere you place it. 

  23. Sunflower Pot Lid
  24. sunflower-kitchen-decor-pot-lid

    Sunflower decor for your pots! These adorable lids help keep messes contained to your pots and pans and not all over your kitchen counter. Done are the days of wasting plastic wrap and aluminum foil. These lids can be used over and over again and are incredibly easy to clean.  

  25. Beaded Placemats
  26. sunflower-kitchen-decor-placemat

    These handmade table placemats will add an accent flair to any table at your farmhouse, home, living room, dining room or kitchen. The perfect finishing touch to a sunflower themed kitchen.

  27. Sunflower Canisters
  28. sunflower-kitchen-decor-canister

    Bold and bright, this sunflower canister will bring color to your countertop. This storage jar measures 5.5″ tall and has a beautiful sunflower design with wood lid.

  29. Rustic Sunflower Wall Decor
  30. sunflower-kitchen-decor-wall-art

    If you like rustic and shabby chic styles, it’s here! This pallet sign is perfect for adding a touch of rustic charm and creates a blend of modern and traditional elements.This wooden sign is made of real dried pine. The distressed painted finish gives it an authentic antique and charming feel.  It will look great on your kitchen wall art.

  31. Table Runner
  32. sunflower-kitchen-decor-table runner

    Create a fresh look in your dining room with this sunflower print table runner. This versatile textile layers beautifully in both formal and casual dinner settings (and looks great draped over a vanity, too!). It’s also engineered to resist stain absorption and linting, making it the perfect pick for families. 

  33. Kitchen Accessories Set
  34. sunflower-kitchen-decor-linen-set

    Reach in and grab those hot items off the stove or retrieve a pan of cookies. These potholders are ready to do the job for you. This linen set is the perfect touch to finish off your country style kitchen.

  35. French Dinnerware Set
  36. sunflower-kitchen-decor-dinner-set

    Bring a touch of nature’s beauty to your table setting with the French Sunflower Dinnerware by Certified International. Crafted of durable ceramic, these pieces boast an elegant and artistic sunflower design that brightens up any occasion. Perfect for casual dining or entertaining.

  37. Sunflower Chopping Board
  38. sunflower-kitchen-decor-cutitng-board

    This fun cutting board is an essential tool for the home chef. Its silicone construction allows you to easily and safely slice, cut and chop meats, herbs, and vegetables while adding some brightness to your kitchen.

  39. Kitchen Towel
  40. sunflower-kitchen-decor-towel

    This chalkboard style dish towel with hand-lettered detailing is made from strong, high-quality cotton for softness and durability.  It reads “You Are My Sunshine” making it a home decor gift that is sure to them smile.

  41. Sunflower Kitchen Curtains
  42. sunflower-kitchen-decor-curtains

    The embellished tier and swag set is the perfect finishing décor for your kitchen window. Each set comes with a pair of tailored tiers and one swag.