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27 Unique Chess Gifts For The Chess Master in Your Life

Updated on January 25, 2024 Updated on Jan 25, 2024
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    Chess is one of the most popular games in the world, and it’s become even more popular after The Queen’s Gambit captivated television audiences. So whether you’re new to the game or a chess master, looking for a traditional chess set or something wild, we’ve put together a terrific gift guide for some of the most unique chess sets anywhere!

    The great thing about chess lovers is that they will never tire of an exciting new board gifted to them. And do we have some boards for you?

    From electronic to Greek gods, tribal to rustic, Harry Potter to Marvel, Star Wars to Jurassic Park, personalized to an architect’s dream set, there are sets to help kids learn and even a quirky Cats vs. Dogs chess set. Not to mention a wall set to engage your partner at home in an ongoing tournament.

    Here are the most original fun chess sets we could find. Ready for you to “capture” someone’s day!

  1. Electronic Chessboard
  2. chess-sets-electronic-board

    At last, learning to play chess can be easy and fun, thanks to this state-of-the-art electronic game set! Equipped with a built-in computer algorithm, Electronic Chess offers a vast selection of game modes with varying difficulty levels to strengthen your hand at chess. With an array of customized games and puzzles, it’s the ideal way to acclimate beginners and challenge players of all levels.

  3. Olivewood Rough Edge Chess Set
  4. chess-sets-olivewood-rough-edge

    An olive wood board is a must-have for any chess enthusiast. These olive chess sets are handmade from 100% natural Tunisian olive wood. They make great Christmas gifts and work fantastically as home décor and for playing chess. The edges are made from natural olive tree bark and come complete with all the pieces you need to play with.

  5. Kumbula African Tribal Set
  6. chess-sets-african-tribal

    Celebrate Africa and its proud history with this authentic, unique chess set. This themed chess set is manufactured in South Africa and made from wood and polystone (a resin and stone compound) that gives weight and a rich porcelain finish. This luxury chess set is packaged in a durable, double-walled box with die-cut foam holders to ensure it stays pristine for years.

  7. Dogs vs. Cats Chess Set 
  8. fun-chess-sets-pets

    “Fighting like cats and dogs” has a new meaning with this novelty chess set. Instead of the classic knights, kings, and queens, each side features a royal court filled with various breeds of felines and canines, all ready to duke it out in the most highbrow way possible. Display it as a fun conversation starter or get kids interested in this most cerebral of pastimes. 

  9. Personalized Chess Set


    Your chess games will be more aesthetic with this board. It could also be used as gorgeous home decor for your home or office. Make this a permanent set where you can have enjoyable moments with your family or give it to your loved ones passionate about chess. This stylish and unique chess set can be used for a long time thanks to the high-quality materials. The case interior can be customized with a loved one’s name– or your own!

  11. Gods of Greek Mythology Set 
  12. chess-sets-gods-of-greek-mythology

    Play chess with the gods with this collectible chess set! The pieces conjure ancient tales of Greek mythology atop the legendary Mount Olympus. Zeus and Aphrodite each stand in as king and queen, so you may move each piece around a deluxe wooden chessboard with walnut and maple veneer inlays. These individually sculpted chess set pieces are hand-cast in bonded natural stone and polished to a desirable finish. 

  13. Harry Potter Wizard Set
  14. chess-sets-harry-potter

    A beautiful recreation of the chess set is seen at the climax of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, where Hogwarts’ finest-ever chess game is played. This Harry Potter chess set includes 32 highly detailed molded plastic chess pieces measuring 5 and 11 cm tall and a playing board approximately 47cm square. It’s the perfect chess gift idea for the Harry Potter enthusiast in your life!

  15. Storytime Chess for Kids 
  16. chess-sets-storytime

    Meet King Shakey, afraid of bees, trees, and even his knees, so he moves cautiously, one square at a time. Characters, stories, activities, and imagery help kids as young as 3 learn chess moves, strategies, and language. This fun, creative approach to the game of kings has been used in schools and endorsed by chess masters and homeschooling parents. Grown-ups need no prior chess experience to help kids learn with these materials, so it’s fun for everyone.

  17. Crusaders Chess Set
  18. chess-set-crusaders

    This unique Crusaders chess set measures 14″ or 15.7″ and has a beautiful handmade solid wood chessboard. The design is handmade and burned with a torch, while the chess pieces are made of polyester and hand-painted. The handmade checkers are made of Boxwood (Buxus Sempervirens), a slow-growing Boxwood that renders the wood very hard and heavy. The wood has fine grain produced by growth rings, making it ideal for chess pieces and checkers.

  19. Batman Chess Set


    The classic game of chess meets Batman and the Joker. Chess set collectors and Batman lovers alike will appreciate this set! 

  21. Jurassic Park Set
  22. chess-sets-jurassic-park

    Go head-to-head with history’s fiercest creatures in an epic duel 65 million years in the making! The dinosaurs of Jurassic Park are brought to life with 32 authentic and oversized pieces. The highly detailed pieces are genuine, officially authorized recreations of the dinosaurs featured in the Jurassic Park film franchise.

  23. Star Wars Chess Set
  24. chess-sets-star-wars

    Star Wars fans and chess players can enjoy this Star Wars Edition chess game. Featuring traditional chess gameplay, this edition includes pawns modeled after characters from the Star Wars universe, including those featured in the original trilogy, the prequel trilogy, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Players play as either the light or dark sides and battle for board control.

  25. Roman Chess Set
  26. chess-set-roman

    This chessboard is made of a 12mm, first-quality MDF board. Although it is produced from wood, you’d swear it’s a real marble chess set by looking at it. The metal pieces describe Roman leaders and their period. These game pieces were produced to make you feel as much as possible that you are the ruler of a great empire because chess is much more than a game. You can also select an Egyptian set.

  27. Walnut Wood Chess Set
  28. chess-sets-walnut

    Are you looking for a classy chess set? Chess Armory’s wooden chess set delivers all the chess essentials in one place. It has a folding board, polished chess pieces, and a sturdy storage box. The compact 15″ x 15″ chess board set is made of smooth inlaid walnut, where every square size measures 1.625″ x 1.625″. It folds in half to store the chess pieces inside when needed.

  29. New York City Skyline Chess
  30. chess-sets-nyc-skyline

    You are calling all adventurous chess lovers! You’ll love these meticulously crafted miniature renditions of famous Big Apple buildings. Both exceptional and everyday structures are used in this modern take on the classic game. Brownstones, which stand in for pawns, sit alongside acrylic renditions of the Guggenheim and One World Trade. Packed with its own folding card chessboard, this unique set makes a great gift for New Yorkers, chess whizzes, and lovers of high design.

  31. Mahogany Chess and Checkers Set
  32. chess-sets-checkers

    This Staunton-style chess set includes both Chess and Checkers, so you can enjoy two games with one purchase. The gorgeous mahogany and intricately detailed pieces make this foldable chessboard a gift they’ll pass down through the generations! This will come out first when it’s time for family game night! 

  33. Metal Chess Set
  34. chess-sets-metal

    Play a game or two with the metal chess board game with your kids at home, your coffee buddy at the office, or the friendly ice cream vendor at the park with this chess set with storage. The metal chess game set with the 15-inch board is lightweight and portable to carry around without the hassle.

  35. Chess, Checkers, & Backgammon 3-in-1 Set
  36. chess-sets-3-in-1-set

    Why settle for a game board that only does one thing? This 3-in-1 chess set is perfect for the minimalist who wants to keep their options open for family game night! Play chess today, checkers tomorrow, and backgammon the following night, or have an epic game night and play all at once! 

  37. Wall Chess
  38. chess-sets-wall-chess

    The average game of chess takes roughly 40 moves. All those moments of thinking add up, so finding time to sit down to a battle for the board isn’t always easy. This pretty oak set solves that problem while doubling as a delightful piece of home decor. Designed to hang vertically, the chess pieces stay put so players can take turns passing. Hang it in a hall to make your move part of a daily routine, or display it where it will spur impromptu games.

  39. Interactive Story-Based Chess Game
  40. chess-sets-interactive-story

    Tacto Chess by Playshifu turns your tablet into an interactive chessboard and uses tactile figurines to drive the gameplay on screen. It is one of the easiest ways to learn chess by making it fun and interactive with animated story-based themes. The 4×4 mini-puzzles help you practice strategies before advancing to an entire chessboard. When you’re ready, outwit your friends and family in a 2-player mode or play against AI in the single-player mode.

  41. Batman Chess Set 
  42. chess-sets-batman

    If you’re a fan of the Caped Crusader, then this Batman-themed chess set is a must-have! This best-seller Batman chess set meticulously portrays your favorite characters. This chess set makes a fun Christmas gift for the kid (or kid at heart) who wants a more exciting way to play chess! 

  43. Roll Up Tournament Chess Mat and Clock
  44. chess-sets-tournament-chess

    The most excellent place to play chess is out in a sunny park. Unfortunately, most parks don’t have chess tables! This tournament chess set allows you to enjoy a game wherever you find an opponent! Just grab the tournament chess set with a bag and go! Whether it’s after-school chess club time or family chess night, this chessboard roll-up set has you covered and ready! 

  45. Best Chess Set Ever
  46. chess-sets-best-ever

    This quadruple-weighted chess set makes a sleek and modern chess experience perfect for beginners and tournament players. Whether you’re looking to learn chess strategy, become a chess tournament champion, or bring more fun to family game night — The Best Chess Set Ever has you covered!

  47. No Stress Chess
  48. chess-sets-no-stress-chess

    No Stress Chess is a game that will help you learn the world’s most fantastic game – Chess. You can play instantly because the special game board guides you through setting up your pieces, and each card in the innovative deck shows you how to move the piece in pictures. You just set the pieces on the board, shuffle the deck, and begin to play! No Stress Chess teaches players the moves of all the Chess pieces. 

  49. White + Green Onyx Marble Set
  50. fun-chess-sets-marble

    If you’re looking for the Rolls-Royce of chess sets, this deluxe, high-quality marble onyx chess board is it! The set features fully hand-polished marble pieces and has a felt base to avoid scratches.

  51. Renaissance Knight Pewter Set 
  52. fun-chess-sets-knights

    The carnage detail on this set alone is a conversation starter! A glass chess board is set above a field of slain knights as the game of strategy begins. It is a truly unique design and a real treat for a history-buff chess player.

  53. Magnetic Travel Chess Set
  54. chess-sets-magnetic-travel-board

    This premium quality chess set gives you a smooth, lightweight feel. The pieces are easy to distinguish, and the chess set has beautiful packaging with rules of the chess game on the box. Every individual magnetic chess playing piece has an attraction to the 64-square playing field on the chessboard. The light magnetism makes it stable for playing outdoors in windy weather or traveling.