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25 Scented Candles For Men They Will Burn Through

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    Everyone likes lovely smells and ambiance, including men, of course! But some scents are more appealing to men than others. So we chose the best scented candles for men that are sure to please.

  1. Teakwood And Tobacco
  2. scented-candles-for-men-teakwood

    The one that started it all. Some call it the boyfriend scent. We call it the O.G. Leather, teak, and orange.
    Woody, leather, smoke, citrus, and musk. These 7.2 oz Standard Candles are hand-poured into apothecary-inspired amber jars with our signature kraft label and a brass lid. This is our most popular size and is meant for dressers, countertops, and nightstands.

  3. Manly Indulgence 5 O’Clock Shadow
  4. scented-candles-for-men

    What a fun name for a scented candle company that makes candles for men, and what a sexy name for this particular masculine scent. This candle is a best-seller for the company, a blend of oakmoss, musk, and fresh fir needles. The smell is fresh and outdoorsy, and the candle has a burn time of 60 hours. 

  5. Torched Barrel-Aged Brown Ale
  6. candles-for-men-beer

    This candle resides in an actual beer bottle that has been upcycled into something almost as fun as beer! The candle scent is based on the tasting notes of his favorite type of beer, in this case, brown ale. The smell features bourbon and leather notes, and the amber bottle gives it a cozy glow. These soy candles are available in several scents and three sizes. 

  7. His Collection Leather & Tibetan Oud
  8. candles-for-men-oud

    This sleek black glass jar candle makes a nice piece of home decor, and the scent is unique. I love a leather candle scent, but I didn’t know what oud was or smelled like. Oud is dark resinous wood, and it has a sensual, musky scent. That scent blended with the leather scent is a rich, warm blend, perfect for those cold winter months. 

  9. Road Trip
  10. scented-candles-for-men-road-trip

    Cruise down the highway with open windows inviting in hot air and cool breezes, Leather seats, and a car freshener in the rearview mirror. Top notes are lime, leather, marine, fresh air, and cedarwood. Made with an all-natural soy wax blend and hand-poured in the USA.

  11. Dark Rum
  12. scented-candles-for-men-dark-rum

    inspired by the old world bay rum first used by sailors traveling through the Caribbean and later popularized in barbershops, dark rum is a refreshing reinvention of a traditionally dark and spicy aroma. Sweetened with ripe plum and crisp bergamot, notes of leather, rum, and creamy milk are blended into an intoxicating mix. Both alluringly warm and fresh, this scent captures the essence of long days spent in the tropical sun and late nights with friends. Upon lighting, dark rum leaves a deep and indelible longing for all those places we’ve been and those we’ve yet to visit.

  13. Manly Indulgence Dark Forest
  14. candles-for-men-forest

    Another glass jar candle from Manly Indulgence! This one has heady scents of fresh herbs, notes of amber, sandalwood, cedarwood, and lavender meant to invoke a walk through the forest. The candle has a burn time of 60 hours. 

  15. Patchouli Amber Candle
  16. scented-candles-for-men-kin

    Infused with cozy notes of Patchouli and Amber, our aromatherapy candles will help you relax, soothe, restore & balance your body and mind. With a burn time of 45 hours, the scent of these decorative candles is long-lasting!

  17. Citrus Candle
  18. candles-for-men-citrus

    Citrus scented candles are great for summer or the kitchen all year round. This soy candle is a clean, fresh blend of basil, lime, and mandarin. This soy wax candle is hand-poured and strongly scented, perfect for a large room or his man cave! 

  19. ManKandle Gift Set
  20. scented-candles-for-men-gift-set

    Each ManKandle has a unique and distinct fragrance. This one has a warm sweet aroma of Tobacco & Vanilla. The sultry aroma of sensual ouds embellished with gingered touches of crushed clove, warm cinnamon, and black vanilla bourbon accented with nuances of sweet anise and friendly amber form its intoxicating aroma. ManKandles are specially crafted with pure soy wax, crackling wood wick candles, and burn clean for 60-70 hours.

  21. Bersiler Wood Sage & Sea Salt Candle
  22. scented-candles-for-men-sage

    Perfect for meditation, calming mood, cleansing your home’s negative energy and inviting all positive energy into your life. Bersiler aromatherapy candles are made of natural soy wax, and the cotton wick is non-toxic and safe to burn in your home.

  23. Northern Lights Dark Rum & Oak
  24. candles-for-men-rum

    Talk about boy smell. Many man candles feature boozy scents, and it’s a good match; the candles can help invoke the cozy ambiance of a favorite bar. This candle mimics the smell of a dark rum aged in an oak barrel. The candle has a burn time of 35 hours, and the top gives the candle a rustic look; it’s made of natural cork. 

  25. Cabinite Log Cabin Collection Wood Work Shop
  26. candles-for-men-cabin

    Another fun company making candles for men! This candle is meant to invoke the smells of his wood workshop with notes of clove, bourbon, and smoke. This is an excellent candle for the guy in the office Monday through Friday who loves his woodshop on the weekends. The candle has a wood wick that pops and crackles and burns over 55 hours. The company has several other fun scents. 

  27. Rugged & Dapper
  28. candles-for-men-dapper

    Rugged & Dapper makes skincare products for men, so candles for men are a natural extension! The scent is a blend of eucalyptus, cypress, cedarwood, and smoke. It’s a fresh, masculine smell, and the candle comes in a tin that’s perfect for travel. The candle has a burn time of 30-35 hours. 

  29. WoodWick Mountain Trail 
  30. candles-for-men-wood

    I love these candles! They have a wooden wick, and it does sound like a tiny, crackling fire. This candle is a nice blend of three scents, evergreen, wood smoke, and Frasier fir. If your man loves camping and hiking, this is the scent for him! 

  31. Lumberjack Flannel
  32. candles-for-men-flannel

    Manly candles call for a manly fabric, and what’s more manly than flannel? This candle is a blend of lavender, mahogany, and cedarwood. The candle is 100% soy wax and has a clean-burning cotton wick with a paper core free of zinc and lead.

  33. Paddywax Library Collection Oscar Wilde
  34. candles-for-men-wilde

    Do you need manly candles for a literary lover? Look no further than Paddywax’s Library Collection. This is the Oscar Wilde candle, perfect for the man of wit in your life! This version is the two-wick candle made for travel; it comes in a beautiful copper tin. The scent is cedarwood, thyme, and basil. 

  35. Paddywax Apothecary Collection Vetiver & Cardamom
  36. scented-candles-for-men-apothecary-

    Another great candle from Paddywax! This is from their Apothecary Collection and comes in what looks like an old apothecary jar. The scent is a blend of vetiver and cardamom. Vetiver frequently features in men’s cologne. The smell is earthy, woody, leathery, and smoky. The cardamom gives it just a touch of warm sweetness. The candle is eight ounces and has a burn time of up to 60 hours. 

  37. The Mandle Surfer Dude
  38. candles-for-men-surfer

    What a fun idea! Masculine candles come in a container that looks like a paint can. The attached washer is to pry open the top. This is the Surfer Dude scent, that clean, refreshing, ocean breeze scent that lures surfer dudes near and far. These candles have an impressive burn time of up to 90 hours. 

  39. Southern Therapy Pipe Tobacco
  40. candles-for-men-tobacco

    Southern Therapy candles are made using coconut soy wax, so they are eco-friendly. This scent is pipe tobacco, and anyone who had a parent or grandparent who smoked a pipe will have fond memories. Pipe tobacco has a warm, slightly vanilla scent but is not overly sweet, something men generally don’t like in a home fragrance. 

  41. Southern Therapy Tomato Leaf
  42. candles-for-men-tomato

    This is another coconut soy wax candle from Southern Therapy and another one that might evoke memories for some, something the best candles can do. This candle is tomato leaf scented, my grandmother grew tomatoes, and I spent summers with her, so this is my favorite smell. Many candle scents are sold under tomato leaf, but not all get it right. They usually add a note that makes it too sweet. Not this one; it gets that clean, green, zesty scent spot on—a perfect candle for summer. 

  43. Unscented Beeswax Candle
  44. candles-for-men-beeswax

    Burning candles are great, but some people have allergies or sensitivities that mean scented candles are a no-go. So we have a candle for them too! This beeswax candle is unscented, made of 100% pure beeswax, paraffin, and lead-free, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic! The three-wick candle comes in a jar made of 100% recycled glass. 

  45. Tiki Citronella Candle
  46. candles-for-men-citronella

    I live in New Orleans, a literal swamp, so as you can imagine, mosquitos are a problem. There is never an outdoor gathering here that doesn’t feature citronella candles! Mosquitos don’t like the scent, so they’ll stay away from your bbq, picnic, or pool party when you burn this candle. The candle comes in a galvanized bucket to give your outdoor space a nice rustic look. It is 28 ounces and burns for up to 32 hours. 

  47. Love & Linger Cowboy Candle
  48. candles-for-men-cowboy

    Love & Linger, what an excellent name for a candle company! And why not linger if there is a sexy cowboy around. Cowboy is the name of this candle, and the scent is a mix of leather and campfire, precisely what you think a cowboy would smell like. The candle is 16 ounces and has three wicks. 

  49. Palo Santo Candle
  50. candles-for-men-palo

    Palo Santo is a wood that some people burn to remove bad energy. I don’t know if it does that, but it does smell great. Palo Santo is a delicate, subtle scent, citrusy with a bit of pine and mint. This candle is eight ounces and has a burn time of 45 hours. 

  51. Eucalyptus Mint Candle
  52. candles-for-men-mint

    Eucalyptus is a classic men’s candle scent, but undiluted, it can be a little overpowering and certainly one note. This candle adds a bit of mint into the mix, which tempers the eucalyptus and makes an excellent marriage of slightly medicinal and fresh and green. 

  53. Bergamot & Mahogony Candle
  54. candles-for-men-bergamot

    Bergamot is a type of citrus fruit, and you’ll see it a lot in candles, lotions, colognes, and other scented things because it mixes well with other scents. As you can imagine, it has a light, citrus scent. In this candle, the bergamot is combined with the more earthy, heavy smell of mahogany in a perfect blend. Melony candles are less overpowering than other brands, so they’re great for the living room or other shared spaces. 

  55. Black Coffee Candle
  56. candles-for-men-coffee

    You have to look (or smell!) high and low to find a coffee-scented candle that isn’t just overpoweringly sickly sweet. Most of them smell like those Starbucks milkshake concoctions pretending to be coffee probably taste like. Not this candle! It does have some sweetness; the black coffee scent alone might be too bitter about being appealing to most people, but the sweetness is subtle. It’s the coffee that is forward. The candle is 14 ounces and burns for 40-50 hours. 

  57. Aromatherapy Candle Set
  58. candles-for-men-aromatherapy

    These are aromatherapy candles scented with essential oils candle scents meant to help relax and unwind, so they’re perfect for the bedroom. The aromas are lavender, vanilla, ocean, and raspberry. The votive cups are 3.5 ounces and burn for 20-25 hours each. 

  59. Diptyque Amber Candle
  60. candles-for-men-amber

    Diptyque is the first word in luxury candles, and they have a price to match, but the scents are rich and complex compared to less expensive candles. Diptyque candles are the best-scented candles on the market. Think of the difference between a perfume and a perfume. This is the amber candle; amber is rich, exotic, and spicy. 

  61. Teakwood Candle
  62. candles-for-men-teak

    Teakwood smells a bit like cedar but is more subtle. It’s less “piney” than cedar, so great for men who like woody, earthy scents but don’t like that overpowering Christmas tree smell a lot of cedar or pine candles have. This candle from Sand + Fog is 12 ounces and burns for about 36 hours.