23 Cool Cocktail Glasses You Need For Your Home Bar

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    Whether you are entertaining or just playing mixologist at home, you need some glassware that’s just as cool as the drinks you are stirring up. Here are cool cocktail glasses that will make your happy hour a little happier.

  1. Map Whiskey Glasses
  2. birthday-gifts-for-him-glasses

    Each Greenline Goods rocks whiskey glass was etched by a skilled artisan and features a hand-drawn street grid with map coordinates. Glass gifts sets are carefully packed in an elegant gift box and chosen to make a lasting impression! 

  3. Pineapple Cup
  4. cocktail-glasses-pineapple

    Why drink from a glass when you can drink from a Brilliant Pineapple Cup? Try this pineapple cocktail drinking glass and you’ll be the yellow envy of your friends as you enjoy your cocktail. The pineapple was always considered the symbol of warm hospitality. Impress your guests with these clear glass pineapple cups for a lasting impression. It is expertly designed with a removable gold leaf lid and will bring a tropical look to your table setting.

  5. Bloody Mary Glasses
  6. cocktail-glasses-bloody-mary

    The original artwork on these bright Bloody Mary glasses means that the formula for the delightfully piquant brunch favorite is always at hand. The hand-drawn, graphic representation of the classic eye-opener adorns the functional pint glasses with a playfully pseudo-scientific rendering of the cocktail’s essential components: tomato juice, vodka, lemon, celery, and dashes (layers) of seasonings, all in relative proportions to mix a perfectly spicy, savory Bloody Mary with intuitive flair.

  7. Copper Footed Tumblers
  8. cocktail-glasses-tumbler

    Sophisticated copper accents are where these Tumblers truly shine. Crafted with careful balance, their original footed design is complemented by the crisp clarity of high-quality glass.

  9. Crystal Scotch Glasses
  10. cocktail-glasses-scotch

    Add some elegance to your dining table and some WOW factor at parties, you won’t be disappointed by the size of these scotch glasses, you can easily fit a double shot plus some mixer and plenty of ice cubes, rocks or whiskey stones, use for drinking your Single Malt Scotch, Bourbon, Beer, Vodka, Old Fashioned Cocktails, Gin and Tonic or any liquor you like or even as a classy way to serve water or juice at your dining table.

  11. Personal Whiskey & Water Decanter
  12. cocktail-glasses-personal-decanter

    Are you getting enough water? Yes? Good. Now, is your whiskey? This decanter for one lets you easily add a splash of H20 to spirits. It also looks neat, even if your drink isn’t. The globe has an inner and an outer chamber, so one can be filled with whiskey and the other with water. When you’re ready to imbibe, pour a finger or two of booze, add a few drops of water, and savor the flavors awakened by the combination. Use it to dilute cask-strength liquors with high alcohol contents, or simply to bring out the subtleties in your favorite bourbon or scotch.

  13. Good Vibes Tumblers
  14. cocktail-glasses-personal-good-vibes

    Perfect for your next wine night, self-care Sunday, beach day, cocktail hour or drinking outdoors. Toast and clink to your heart’s content — no chips, no cracks, just cheers.

  15. Vintage Style Glasses
  16. cocktail-glasses-personal-pink

    These glasses by Godinger adds a touch of elegance to your drinking experience. These pretty glasses are a perfect party decoration or a great gift for any occasion, such as Christmas, anniversary, housewarming, bridal shower, and more.

  17. Good Times
  18. cocktail-glasses-gin

    Surprise your friends and loved ones with a fun gift that is sure to inspire smiles! The Let the Good Times Be Gin low ball glass from Sodilly is the perfect present for the person in your life who seems to have everything. Not only is it a generous size, but it is the perfect shape for all varieties of spirits. Celebrate happy memories and make new ones with this beautiful low ball glass.

  19. Bird Glasses
  20. cocktail-glasses-bird

    This bird-shaped cocktail glass is a beautifully made piece of art that is sure to be the talk of your bar or party where it is served. Handmade from crystal-clear, hand-blown glass in the shape of a bird, this unique cocktail glass has a small opening near the back feather for someone to drink straight from or to insert a straw. Perch a few of these decorative stemmed glasses at your bar and be ready to hear your guests chirping with excitement about them.

  21. Nick And Nora Glasses
  22. cocktail-glasses-nora

    The innovative machine-made Cocktail glass Nick & Nora of the functional glass collection Riedel barware makes it possible to Savour the drink effortlessly and elegantly by delivering it perfectly to the mid-palate so that you do not need to tilt your head back The timeless thriller “the thin Man” is remembered not only for its mysterious criminal case but also for its martini-loving main characters. The Nick & Nora glass was named after them.

  23. Tiki Collection 
  24. cocktail-glasses-tiki

    With 4retro inspired tiki designs, this Ceramic Luau Tiki Party Pack is a party essential for serving fruity and tropical cocktails. Using these handcrafted tiki mugs you will be able to serve up tiki classics like a mai tai or banana daiquiri with truly Hawaiian flare.

  25. Insulated Rocks Glasses
  26. cocktail-glasses-insulated

    Snowfox insulated stainless steel partyware was created with one thing in mind — having fun! And what could be more fun than perfectly chilled drinks that stays that way? We designed our stemless wine, beer and cocktail glasses to look and feel like sipping from premium glassware, but with all the benefits of insulated stainless steel.

  27. Hand Blown Rocks Glasses
  28. cocktail-glasses-rocks

    Designed with a thick, weighted bottom and to accommodate oversized ice cubes or whiskey stones, this glass will hold a full 14 ounces of your favorite drink. A great gift idea for loved ones that enjoy Manhattans, whiskey, cocktails or is obsessed with their home bar.

  29. Skull Sipping Glass
  30.  cocktail-glasses-sipping

    Take a shot, if you dare with these spooky hot glasses. These transparent sipping glasses have an awesome 3D form in the shape of a detailed skull.

  31. Triangle Cocktail Glasses
  32. cocktail-glasses-triangle

    Nothing says “cheers” like a pair of crystal martini glasses. But listen, not all barware is durable enough for a toast! But, our thick lead-free crystal is mineralized for extra strength, and each triangle glass is 4” wide enough to take big ice cubes if a short mojito is your thing.

  33. Seven Deadly Sins Glass Set
  34. cocktail-glasses-sins

    Knock one back with these sinfully witty glasses, each etched with a cartoon personification of one of the Seven Deadly Sins drawn by award-winning cartoonist Mort Gerberg. Historically immortalized by literary giants like Dante and Chaucer, these infamous imps come scrambling out of the underworld as illustrated cautionary tales on the pitfalls of human vice. Gerberg’s characters are etched on classic double old fashioned glasses that will serve, whether you’re lusting after a dram of your favorite liquor or indulging in the gluttony of your third. 

  35. Hand-Blown Watermelon Tumblers
  36. cocktail-glasses-watermelon

    Sipping sangria with a summer read in hand. Toasting to sunshine with a round of frozen daiquiris. Warm-weather drinks are even more fun when they’re served up in Kimberly McKinnis’ hand-blown tumblers. To make the tumblers extra delightful, each is wide at the bottom and tapers in, like a wedge of the scrumptious fruit. Give one to someone who makes a mean melon mojito, or get a few for your next backyard brunch.

  37. The Great Outdoors
  38. cocktail-glasses-outdoors

    These handmade printed screen detailed illustration of a black and white forest landscape. It brings you a shocking scenery when you enjoy your whiskey. The ink will not fade away or wash off. This whiskey glass could hold up 11 oz, of your favorite drink, oversized ice cubes and ice balls.

  39. Double Walled Martini Glass
  40. cocktail-glasses-insulated

    An elegant shape made for chilling drinks, these glasses hold 7 oz. each making them ideal for cocktails, whiskey, scotch, wine and liquor. The double-walled insulated design helps retain cold drink temperatures to keep your drinks more enjoyable, crisp, and delicious.

  41. Smoked Cocktail Glasses
  42. cocktail-glasses-mela

    Effortlessly chic and mouthblown from a beautiful, smoky glass, this set of Mera Glasses makes any drink feel decadent.

  43. In Good Spirits
  44. cocktail-glasses-in-good-spirits

    Whether you – or they – prefer it neat or over the rocks, this ready-to-gift whiskey glass set has got you covered. The set includes a glass and three whiskey rocks that chill without diluting.

  45. Art Deco Glass Set
  46. cocktail-glasses-glass-set

    Our mouth-blown double old-fashioned glasses get their art-deco elegance from luxe metallic gold decals in an allover geometric motif. The set of four glasses nestles neatly in a gold-finished metal carrier with a handle for easy toting. The perfect addition to your bar cart.