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22 Mid-Century Modern Bar Cart Ideas For A Classy Mini Bar

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    A bar cart isn’t just functional for small spaces; it’s a gorgeous piece of interior design that’s fun to pull together. We’ve focused on a mid-century modern theme, but you don’t need a vintage living room to pull it off– it’s a timeless look for almost any space. Here are some stylish bar cart ideas to get you inspired.

  1. Mid-Century Rolling Cart
  2. If you’re going to style a bar cart, you will first require a bar cart. There are many stunning “mini bars” out there to fit all decor styles and budgets. This little mid-century, minimalist beauty comes in two shades of wood grain at an affordable price. That means you can spend more on the fun part – bar cart styling!

  3. Whiskey Decanter
  4. bar-cart-ideas-whiskey-decanter

    An eye-catching whiskey decanter is an attractive way to display your favorite drop– and of course, it’s functional too. This vessel is etched with an elegant argyle pattern for vintage-inspired vibes. If you love an Old Fashioned cocktail, you can also display your bitters in a matching glass dispenser

  5. Greenery
  6. bar-cart-ideas-plant

    Greenery looks so great on a bar cart, and The Mother in Laws Tongue or Snake plant is one of the best choices for an indoor houseplant because you don’t need a green thumb for it to thrive (trust me!) Their elongated, sword-shaped leaves also keep the plant vertical, creating more real estate for other things. Pop it in a retro 4-inch pot like this white hobnail edition

  7. Hanging Bar Tool Set
  8. bar-cart-ideas-bar-tools

    Every home bar needs some cocktail tools. These brass bar cart accessories have a sophisticated feel and include a double jigger, spoon, strainer, bottle opener, and marble stand. It’s an easy way to keep your bar tools neat while also acting as a standout feature in its own right. 

  9. Double Old Fashioned Glasses
  10. bar-cart-ideas-old-fashioned-glasses

    Italy may not be known for its whiskey but they sure know how to make crystal glassware, like this set of four double old fashioned glasses. The sun-like etching pattern is really unique, especially when the light catches your whiskey.

  11. Garnish Bowl
  12. bar-cart-ideas-fruit-bowl

    This dimpled, gilded little bowl is perfect for lemons and limes and other garnishes and lends an elegant look without trying. If you have an accented gold bar cart, like the one above, little golden accents like this bowl will accentuate the look without overpowering it.

  13. Vintage Tray
  14. bar-cart-ideas-tray

    The “eccentric stately homes of England” inspired British fashion designer Matthew Williamson to create this ornate serving tray with a playful mix of monkeys, peacocks, and other wildlife. It’s steel finished (so it’s sturdy) with a lacquered face and is sure to be the prettiest feature on your cart.

  15. Cylinder Vase
  16. bar-cart-ideas-vase

    Greenery makes for great home decor, but so do fresh flowers – whether for yourself or when having guests over. Flowers are also great at introducing a pop of color to your bar cart. This glass cylinder vase with a gold hammered base gives off solid mid-century vibes but is subtle enough to let your flowers do the talking.

  17. Art Print
  18. bar-cart-ideas-art

    You can seriously upgrade a bar cart with a small piece of framed art, and art need not only be a painting or drawing. Text art can look super stylish – and bring a smile to your face every time you pass by. The frame isn’t included as it’s a “DIY printable” purchase but you can find a similar one here.

  19. Etched Coupe Glasses
  20. bar-cart-ideas-coupe-glasses

    The coupe glass is ageless, said to have been around since the mid-17th Century (still mid-Century!) – but it was a big hit from the 1930s through the 1980s. The coupe is a traditional way to serve Champagne but today it’s also become a staple for cocktails. Either way, this rose pink set will be a statement piece on your bar cart– don’t be afraid of a bit of color!

  21. Gilded Napkins
  22. bar-cart-ideas-napkins

    These forest green and rose gold napkins are just the thing for a sophisticated vintage bar cart. Serve them with drinks to protect your furniture while also bringing a classy vibe to your soirée.

  23. Silver Art Cocktail Shaker
  24. bar-cart-ideas-cocktail-shaker

    This stylish silver cocktail shaker has a mid-century minimalist look, and you don’t need to be a cocktail pro to use it. There are some really simple cocktails you can impress with, in minutes, like a Cosmopolitan: vodka, Cointreau, lime juice, and cranberry juice. Shake over ice, then pour into those coupe glasses.

  25. Stylish Coffee Table Books
  26. bar-cart-ideas-books

    Coffee table books aren’t just for coffee tables so grab a few stylish books to display on the bottom shelf of your booze cart. They can be practical or simply eye candy. A few to get you started: The Drunken Botanist presents cocktail recipes through a horticultural lens, The Atlas of Mid-Century Modern Houses shares the world’s most glamorous mid-century homes, while The Finer Things explores home decorating with an eye-catching gold cover.

  27. Vintage Bluetooth Speaker
  28. bar-cart-ideas-bluetooth-radio

    The best bar cart accessory may be something you least expect– like an old radio (or a replica of one). I have my Grandfather’s radiola transistor on my own cart and it adds a distinctive touch. This Victrola AM/FM radio acts as both traditional radio and a Bluetooth speaker to stream your modern music.

  29. Gold-Trim Wine Glasses
  30. bar-cart-ideas-wine-glasses

    A bar cart is about crafting both a functional and artistic display. Unlike most home bars where you can hide away unsightly things, on the bar cart, everything is seen. So you should adore every item. These gold-trimmed, etched wine glasses are an artwork all on their own and make a great celebration glass– be it a glam new year or just another Friday night in your PJs.

  31. Ice Bucket
  32. bar-cart-ideas-ice-bucket

    Mid-Century Modern is about clean lines, organic shapes, and plenty of wood accents. A perfect example is this ice bucket which gently curves up to a flared opening. A plastic insert holds the ice, and the bucket comes with a shovel-shaped scoop. 

  33. Wine Decanter
  34. bar-cart-ideas-wine-decanter

    Like a whiskey decanter, a wine decanter looks stylish and old-school– this one’s particularly original with its round, solid oak stopper. Unlike whiskey, which can live in a glass decanter for its lifespan, you should use decanted wine within 2-3 days.

  35. Wide-Mouth Mason Jars
  36. bar-cart-ideas-mason-jars

    You can’t go wrong with mason jars to fill multiple roles on a bar cart. Perfect for garnishes and cocktail fixings, they always look retro and classy. Choose a wide-mouthed variety so you can also use them for various things – straws, cocktail sticks, or even fresh flowers.

  37. Stand Out Spirits
  38. bar-cart-ideas-top-shelf

    A good cocktail cart will need some classic top-shelf choices, like quality bourbon, tequila, gin, vodka, and Scotch whisky. Then you’ve got things like amaro, bitters, and sweet and dry vermouth. But as we’re focusing on “styling” consider some liqueurs renowned for their beautiful bottles, like St. Germain. It’s used in a heap of cocktails and adds instant high-end decor.

  39. Coasters
  40. bar-cart-ideas-coasters

    Whenever you’re entertaining, even entertaining yourself, you’ll want to protect your furniture from watermarks and stains so a little stack of coasters is great to have on hand. Choose a unique pattern and they’ll make a great visual asset to your bar.

  41. Wine Opener
  42. bar-cart-ideas-wine-opener

    The classic corkscrew is a simple little item but without one, you’re literally screwed (though I once opened a bottle of wine with a car key and a YouTube video…) Choose a classic corkscrew over a large automatic wine opener to save space.

  43. Pineapple Sculptures
  44. bar-cart-ideas-pineapples

    Pineapple cocktail shakers have become popular bar cart decor and they look great. But for something a little different check out these resin pineapple sculptures in various sizes of classic black, white, and gold. They’re superb for breaking up glassware or sitting atop a pile of books.