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17 Modern Planters That Will Elevate Your Greenery

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    There’s something about adding a little green to your home that gives it a warm feel. Flowers and plants just scream happy!  By adding tall pots, hanging plants, or even wreaths to a room you can also create dimension in the room. Here are our favorite modern planters that will elevate your greenery.

  1. Mid-Century Planters
  2. modern-planters-mid-modern

    The goes-with-anything white planter and artfully-angled legs make this one of our bestselling planters. Elevate your greenery in sleek, mid-century style with our Turned Leg Planter. Its glazed ceramic bowl stands on sculptural, solid wood legs, for a polished look that blends in anywhere.

  3. MoMA Collection Self-Watering Pot
  4. modern-planters-self-watering

    These pots will make sure you never over water your plants again thanks to the brilliantly designed reservoir that ensures plants will only take in the nourishment they need.

  5. Clay Pot
  6. modern-planters-clay-pot

    These eclectic dipped pots that add a bit of welcome greenery to blank walls – inside or out. This is a fantastic-looking clay planter, one that gets everyone talking about it as soon as they see it. Includes pot and stand. Glazed terracotta, metal. Includes drainage holes.

  7. Hanging Planter
  8. modern-planters-hanging

    The perfect hanging plant hanger contains a sturdy metal flower pot, so you can easily plant your favorite flowers or small plants. Adding some modern accent and charm to your space with this special circular plant holder. the perfect way to liven up your living space with indoor plants such as succulents, air plants, and sedums.

  9. Face Pot
  10. Behind each of these sculpted faces is London-based ceramicist Kinska. Designing, shaping and painting each minimal expression by hand, she’s crafted a collection of charming characters that have us smitten.

  11. Contemporary Pot
  12. modern-planters-contemporary

    This white flower pot is accented with a contrasting natural color base for a contemporary look. Perfect for decorating a home office, kitchen, patio, or deck. These stylish ceramic planters great for tropical plants and plants that enjoy moist soil.

  13. Basket Planters
  14. modern-planters-basket

    The color cuts a diagonal graphic across natural rattan. Tin liner hidden inside makes for 100% watertight planter. These gorgeous basket planters are a CB2 exclusive.

  15. Spun Metal Standing Planter
  16. modern-planters-bronze

    Whether you leave it standing on the slim, X-shaped base, or place it separated on its own, our brass-finished Spun Metal Planter is a sleek, modern way to showcase your greenery. Comes in aluminum in a brass finish.

  17. Wall Planters
  18. modern-planters-wall

    These are small and lightweight and great for bathrooms and small accent walls. The ceramic geometric wall decor features a simple and elegant design with colorful matte finish, which can be used to add a modern decorative touch and some natural greenery to your indoor space.

  19. Nesta Planter
  20. modern-planters-nesta

    This versatile planter can be displayed as either a freestanding planter with stand or hanging planter using to the included attachments. Nesta’s white ceramic planter features a speckle print and the stand is made of sturdy black powder-coated metal. It can be tilted at different angles within the metal planter stand, allowing the plant inside to seen at almost any angle; this is especially helpful when the plant is still small.

  21. Leaf Pot Stand
  22. modern-planters-leaf

    With a contemporary design, this elegant planter pot can easily accent your space at home & garden. It will look great with indoor houseplants, house trees, large plants or even artificial plants. With a large drainage hole at the bottom of the planter pot provides better water-flow and air penetration, healthy root growth for live plants. 

  23. La Jolie Muse Pot
  24. modern-planters-jolie

    The hand-poured large premium ceramic planter has a distinctive gray cement-like base with rose-gold rim detailing that is the perfect matching addition to your planter collection – this graceful planter adds a touch of brilliance to all home decors. The thick sturdy walls that make this planter a reliable home for all your plants without the worry of shatter or breakage.

  25. Llama Planter
  26. This large standing planter in the shape of llama features a tribal pattern design. Its hand-sculpted from stoneware with a glossy ceramic glaze that would conversation starter in any home and a great way to bring a playful touch to your home decor. The llama’s back is open to give you a spot to show off your favorite succulents or small greeneries.

  27. Mkono Ceramic Planter Set
  28. modern-planters-geo

    These gorgeous ceramic planters embrace multiple interior trends, with minimalist, and geometric influences combining modern and vintage style. Created with sturdy ceramic and painted beautifully with gold and grey, each set comes two different plant pots but a consistent style that makes them look very harmonious when placed together.

  29. Head Planter
  30. modern-planters-head

    This head planter is a sure way to spice up your indoor or outdoor plant display. This is an abstract face planter, a durable cement sculpture plant pot, a perfect artistic decoration. Play hairdresser with your plants and give this person any hairdo you want – bouncy ferns, spiky aloe, flowing ivy or colorful succulents.

  31. Midcentury Flora Planter
  32. modern-planters-flora

    Stand by me! Place these anywhere in your home or office to create an indoor oasis. Hand-crafted by Artisans, this ceramic planter on the wood stand will help upgrade your plant game in style. Made of premium ceramic, this tabletop planter will add a bit of chic nature to your living and working space. 

  33. Borrero Planter
  34. modern-planters-borrero

    This handcrafted pot is hand-painted by their team of artists and each is unique and one of a kind. The stand is made of premium solid wood. This handcrafted pot withstand is not just about plant pot. If you place it in the garden or porch, it will be a storytelling piece; if you place it in your living room, it will be the centerpiece. In short, it is not boring and mediocre. It is a mini landscape that can add glamour to your house.