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25 Macrame Wall Hangings That Will Bring Bohemian Vibes

Updated on July 14, 2020 Updated on Jul 14, 2020
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    Macrame wall hangings are back in style and these meticulously handcrafted, eye-catching works of art will give your room a great bohemian vibe. They make a perfect statement piece for hanging over the head of a bed or baby crib, over a couch, fireplace or desk and will add a homey touch to your house.

  1. Classic Macrame Wall Hanging
  2. macrame-wall-hangings-classic

    This is a handcrafted macrame wall hanging with beautiful delicate detail and a gorgeous fringe. This boho chic home decor is great for a bedroom, living area, baby nursery, workspace or anywhere where you’d like to bring some texture and interest to your wall space.

  3. White and Gold Wall Hanging
  4. macrame-wall-hangings-gold

    Impressive skill is needed to weave a large wall hanging of this beauty and quality, and the results here are awe-inspiring. Handwoven by artisans in India from an amalgam of brown and ivory wool, jute and cotton fringes suspended from a gold half-moon, this exclusive piece brings incredible texture to any room.

  5. Hanging Wall Mirror
  6. macrame-wall-hangings-mirror

    The round macrame hanging mirror-polished edges ensure safe and highly reflective mirror will bring light and perfect for wall, hallways or to complete and add dimension to a space. Exquisite artistry macrame wall art mirror makes a great way to add vertical space! The round mirror with hexagon-shape has woven draws your eyes and give you a special modern feeling.

  7. Macrame Dream Catcher
  8. macrame-wall-hangings-dreamcatcher

    With this macrame wall hanging that instantly add a bohemian vibe to your room and warm up a space. This dreamcatcher macrame is great for the bedroom becaue the net is known for filtering nightmares and is used as a talismans to protect sleeping people. Good dreams pass through and gently slide down the feathers to the sleeper below while bad dreams are caught in its protective net and destroyed.

  9. Photo Display
  10. macrame-wall-hangings-photo

    Macrame wall decor photo display is a casual, artistic to show your favorite photos and prints. Hanging on the wall, your home is a sweer, simple way to organize your photos. Great way for people to mark their wonderful details of life, showing others their journey, love and fond memory of a lifetime.

  11. Macrame Tapstry 
  12. macrame-wall-hangings-tapestry

    Inspired by a boho modern style, this simple, yet striking, macrame wall tapstry perfect for both gallery walls or hanging by themselves. This wall hanging is a perfect way to combine vintage tapestries into modern home decorations. Just adding this tapestry brings an instant tribal  and bohemian feel to any room.

  13. Wall Hanging Shelf
  14. macrame-wall-hangings-shelf

    This macrame plant hanger is handmade of 100% pure natural cotton rope and a strong pine wooden dowel and shelf.  The stylish and durable, simple and modern style, very easy to hang on the wall to make your room become cozy but elegant. This wall decor storage shelf is strong enough for displaying your favorite succulents, candles, picture frames or books.

  15. Owl Macreme
  16. macrame-wall-hangings-owl

    These handmade macrame owls sitting on a branch for perching. The unique owl wall hanging add a bohemian decor to your home or office. Perfect fit in the interior of living room, nurseries, apartments, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, craft rooms, front doors, entry ways, dining rooms.

  17. Rainbow Wall Hanging
  18. macrame-wall-hangings-rainbow

    Brighten up a kids room, nursery or playroom with the colorful hues on our Vertical Rainbow Wall Hanging. With a variety of vertical stripes in a rainbow of colors, this unique piece of kids decor is made by hand. And what’s that mean for you? It means no two weavings will be exactly the same, making each one a true one-of-a-kind piece of art. And the included hanging loop makes it easy to hang anywhere.

  19. Macrame Widow Curtain
  20. macrame-wall-hangings-curtain

    Macrame curtain unique design, after hours of knotting, using natural materials giving a minimalist feel and creating a relaxed feel in the room. A Macramé curtain is beautiful in any doorway and is a perfect way to cover an open closet to draw attention away from what’s inside.

  21. DIY Macrame Kit
  22. macrame-wall-hangings-kit

    The Macramé Wall Art Kit provides all you need to a decorative homemade wall hanging 60 minutes or less! Color the macramé strings with ombre techniques and the Signature Markers, then assemble into a beautiful piece of macramé wall art you can hang at home or in the office.

  23. Boho Garland
  24. macrame-wall-hangings-bunting

    These simple garland can be used for almost every event to convey that warm, hospitable, and cheerful feeling. Or you can simply add them in your little one’s room to give your kid that gorgeous room with a festive and fun filled touch.

  25. Wall Storage
  26. macrame-wall-hangings-storage

    This macrame wall hanging can decorative your wall and also use it as a storage bag. You can hang this wall pouch right by your door to hold all your important mail in your entryway so you won’t lose or forget about it. Hanging it by the head of the children’s bed can be used not only as a wall decoration but also as a storybook organizer.

  27. Wall Decor Set
  28. macrame-wall-hangings-yellow

    Handmade with 100% cotton rope, using knotting techniques, this set showcases a beautiful yellow coloring macrame design and long tassels down below. The simple yet meticulously handcrafted pieces are sturdy and durable.

  29. Hanging Feathers
  30. macrame-wall-hangings-feather

    With this macrame feather you’ll instantly add a bohemian vibe to your room an it will really spice up any part of your home. Sure to draw the eye and create visual interest in any space! Also it’s a great gift idea.

  31. Free Spirit Wall Hanging
  32. macrame-wall-hangings-spirit

    A bohemian-inspired wall hanging lending woven textiles, layered and curved fringe details, vibrant colors, directional and multi knit patterns, and copper top bar that incorporates an organic and cozy feel into home décor. Great to display alone or as a collection piece with complementing designs.

  33. Aztec Macrame
  34. macrame-wall-hangings-aztec

    Add instant bohemian style to your bedroom, living room, kitchen or dorm room with this aztec bohemian style macrame wall hanging. The wall tapestry features modern shades of gray and ivory in a contemporary aztec design.

  35. Macreme Garland
  36. macrame-wall-hangings-garland

    This woven wall art features a beautiful modern diamond design. It’s a real showstopper that can easily transform any room into a modern, yet ethereal sanctuary. You’ll adore its lovely texture and minimalistic beauty, this tapestry is a striking and inspiring piece to any wall.

  37. Circle Ombre Macrame
  38. macrame-wall-hangings-ombre

    This blue Macrame wall hanging one of a kind. It’s dip dyed circle tapestry color palette of this piece is as follows – it starts with blue, which is dyed with a slight gradient ending at the bottom in a deep dark-blue. With a precise trim of fibers at the bottom to complete the circular form, this tapestry is a striking and inspiring piece to any wall.

  39. Art Deco Wall Decor
  40. macrame-wall-hangings-deco

    Bring a boho vibe to any room with our handwoven tapestry art, detailed with textured yarns, thick fringe and distinctive metal hangers. From bedroom to baby’s room, living room to entry, this special piece gives your walls personality + warmth.

  41. Tree of Life
  42. macrame-wall-hangings-tree

    This piece of macrame tree of life is a beautiful addition to the spiritual flow of your home, which is a symbol of growth, wisdom, strength, and a connection with nature. With unique design, it is a wall decor but also a dream catcher, Dream catcher was intended to protect the sleeping individual from negative dreams, while letting. You can hang it above the sofa, desk, or on the top of the bed.

  43. Mirror Set
  44. macrame-wall-hangings-mirror-set

    The Ivory cotton yarn adds a chic, hip, minimalist interior look to each and every room in your home. The bohemian unique design offers enchanting and mystic vibes that fuses fashion and home decor into one. The round macrame wall hanging mirror add dimension to a space in your home. It will bring a Bohemian folk and vintage to your deco.

  45. Rope Art Set
  46. macrame-wall-hangings-three

    Originally known as the “sacred hoops” dream catchers can be traced back to the Native American tribe – Ojibwe. This set of 3 large macrame wall hanging were perfectly designed to radiate protective and positive energy into your home. Display the handmade macrame dreamcatcher collection together in any room to create an interior environment that will be filled with warmth and love.

  47. Macrame Chair
  48. macrame-wall-hangings-chair

    Not exactly a wall hanging but this hammock chair macrame swing is handmade and has a bohemian chic  style swing brings that will bring a unique touch to any home. Ideal for all ages and ideal bedrooms, gardens, courtyards, portraits, or beaches that can be used for any external or internal space.

  49. Blush Woven Wall Tapestry
  50. macrame-wall-hangings-blush

    This glam textured tapestry accents a wall with a unique blend of wool, sequins, pom-poms and fringes. Designed in collaboration with west elm. Handmade from wool, cotton and sequins. Hanging rod is made from solid mango wood. Pottery Barn Kids exclusive.