28 Eclectic Boho Wall Decor To Add Texture To Your Home

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    Boho interior design is all about free-spirited layers of pattern, texture, and color. It should represent an eclectic mix of what you love and what you’ve collected along the way. Get inspired with these easy boho wall decor ideas.

  1. Woven Wall Shelf
  2. boho-wall-decor-wall-shelf

    This hand-woven wall shelf is made of bangkuan and rattan and brings a cozy, soft vibe to a room while still providing structured shelf storage. Add a couple of small plants (as seen above), a small frame with a favorite photo, and small collectibles from your travels.

  3. Macrame Woven Wall Hanging
  4. boho-wall-decor-large-macrame

    Macrame is as old as the knot and is thought to have begun with 13th-century Arabic weavers. But boy, did the 1970s step it up a notch– proving that absolutely anything can be made out of knots. Today this beloved craft is making a huge resurgence and is a favorite for boho interiors due to its relaxed texture, and nod to the bohemian 70s. 

  5. Moon Phase Mirror Set 
  6. boho-wall-decor-moon-phases

    This five-piece moon phase mirror set is an eyecatching piece of wall decor, whether placed above the bed or on a living room wall. Fun fact: it’s made from Paulownia wood which is lightweight, strong, and incredibly sustainable.

  7. Nude Beach At Sunset Print
  8. boho-wall-decor-original-print

    There’s a modern trend toward bohemian wall decor that’s very beige. But boho sprang forth from the loins of vibrant color and the beauty of boho is that things shouldn’t be all matchy-matchy. A great example of this is the boho design company, Jungalow, which is anything but bland. As can be seen with this original nude watercolor print.

  9. Woven Seagrass Baskets
  10. boho-wall-decor-wall-basket-set

    Make a statement with this set of four woven baskets (ranging in height from 2″ to 4″) which can be arranged however your heart desires. The baskets are handwoven by Vietnamese locals with eco-friendly seagrass and come “ready to hang” with a loop on the back.

  11. Kenzie Wall Hanging
  12. boho-wall-decor-blue-wall-hanging

    This wall hanging tapestry is another great example of bringing color into your boho space. Whether you use it as a single centerpiece or choose to host a wide variety of colors in your room, this globally-inspired piece is quite an asset.

  13. Wooden Coat Rack
  14. boho-wall-decor-coat-rack

    A smooth, 5-hook beechwood coat rack feels simple, natural, and organic in a cozy boho space. It can be used for coats, but it also serves as an anchor for displaying interesting items – like a mason-jar plant (pictured), colorful scarves, artwork, or yes, even macrame.

  15. Bamboo Eye Mirror
  16. boho-wall-decor-eye-mirror

    The “evil eye” talisman has a long history with boho and a long history in general – dating back to Greek antiquity it’s said to protect the wearer from misfortune. This gorgeous eye mirror is handmade from 100% natural rattan and is indeed eyecatching. It comes with a full set of DIY lashes to construct as shown or in any manner you prefer. 

  17. Peel-And-Stick Wallpaper
  18. boho-wall-decor-wallpaper

    Peel-and-stick wallpaper has changed the interiors game. It’s incredibly simple to use and instantly changes the vibe of any room. Create a feature wall with a boho-inspired motif, then build your entire room around it. This wallpaper comes from a collab with Jungalow, an endless source of boho inspiration.

  19. Animal Masks
  20. boho-wall-decor-animal-masks

    Boho interiors often rely on traditional art, baskets, and carpets from distinct regions of the world – such as Morocco, Turkey, or African. Aside from the vibrant colors and earthy textures, travel was the ultimate lifestyle for a Bohemian. These African animal masks will add a worldly element to your wall.

  21. Macrame Branch Hanging
  22. boho-wall-decor-macrame-2

    This macrame wall hanging is a real statement piece, equipped with a solid tree branch to hang it. And you can choose from six colors of macrame– white, grey, ivory, cream, beige, and black. It’s the perfect piece for your boho bedroom decor, hung right over your headboard.

  23. Coral Sunset Raffia Hanging 
  24. boho-wall-decor-sunset-rafia

    Reminiscent of a pair of dangle earrings, this sunset-hued hanging can be used on a wall or as a mobile. It’ll also look great paired with some yellow or pink-toned throw pillows.

  25. Decorative Wall Mirror
  26. boho-wall-decor-round-mirror

    A lovely large mirror in a decorative rattan frame, this piece is a focal point that will look fab over a mantel or chest of drawers. To level up your wall design, style your mantel with greenery, colorful vintage books, or some interesting vases

  27. Wooden Retro Hanging
  28. boho-wall-decor-wooden-hanging

    This retro 70s-style hanging has soft earthy tones and is made from quality birch plywood, hand-painted with acrylics. The geometric design is a common boho aesthetic (that also works great on throw pillows) and the hanging looks like a far more expensive art piece.

  29. Blanket Ladder
  30. boho-wall-decor-blanket-ladder

    A decorative ladder can act as a hanger or a shelf and is often known as a blanket ladder due to the textured, colorful effect of hanging blankets from each rung. This particular bamboo ladder is fab as it allows you to adjust the rung positionings to fit various decor items. 

  31. Wood Wall Mirror 
  32. boho-wall-decor-wall-mirror

    A slim and simple full-length mirror makes a powerful addition to any wall and the rounded top on this piece hints beautifully at Moroccan archways. A long mirror will also create an illusion of extra space, especially when placed opposite a light source.

  33. Hanging Flower Sculpture
  34. boho-wall-decor-flower

    Bring calm to your living or dining room with this large gold-trimmed floral piece that’s certainly no wallflower. It’s reminiscent of a Buddhist lotus flower and conveys a comforting calmness to your room. Made from lightweight metal for easy hanging.

  35. Macrame Feather Tassels 
  36. boho-wall-decor-feather-tassels

    This boho-inspired feather piece is smaller than some of the larger wall hangings but still creates a relaxed feeling– and the splash of color lifts a white wall. The size may get lost on its own but would look great as part of a collective of frames, baskets, or other macrame pieces.

  37. Scalloped Brass Mirror
  38. boho-wall-decor-brass-mirrors

    When it comes to boho-style you don’t have to stick to macrame and rattan. Embellish your wall space with a brass mirror or two. This oval-shaped mirror has a bright gold finish that boosts an eclectic space while letting in more light. Hang it as part of a gallery wall or pair it with a matching mirror, like this rectangular version.

  39. Hanging Baskets
  40. boho-wall-decor-hanging-baskets

    These jute baskets have been designed especially for hanging, so you can fill them with plants, magazines, or anything you want to hide from sight (remote controls if you have kids!) The single leather handle is sturdy and lends a sophisticated vibe to these worldly baskets.

  41. Wooden Clock
  42. boho-wall-decor-clock

    A big minimalist wooden clock is just the thing for a boho living room. Handcrafted from oak it has a silent ticking mechanism, metal hands and comes in two sizes – 14-inch and 18-inch.

  43. Printed Persian Rug 
  44. boho-wall-decor-rug-print

    If you can’t find the perfect Persian rug for your room, why not hang one instead? This Persian carpet is all bohemian style but all illusion– it’s printed onto a wooden panel and is, therefore, no rug at all. Choose between three sizes in a natural or black frame.

  45. Bamboo Wall Sconce 
  46. boho-wall-decor-lamp

    Handcrafted by artisans in the Philippines, these bell-shaped wall sconce lights cast a warm natural glow for a cozy living space. The curved wooden bracket is easy to attach and an on/off switch on the cord makes for easy power-saving. Use them as bedside lamps, reading lamps by the couch, or a randomly placed piece of wall decor.

  47. Curtain Rod Hangers
  48. boho-wall-decor-rod-hangers

    Leather straps are durable and look way better – and more boho – than regular rod/hook combos. These straps come in six shades of leather colors (plus vegan leather) and can be used as room decor in a variety of ways – for curtain rods, for hand towels, tea towels, or to hang colorful scarfs on the wall.

  49. Macrame Shelf
  50. boho-wall-decor-macrame-shelf

    This laid-back, 3-tier macrame shelf is classic boho home decor and makes a room instantly cozier. Decorate it with favorite small pieces like collectibles, photo frames, books, plants, or vases.

  51. Moroccan Wall Art
  52. boho-wall-decor-wall-art

    Boho fans love Moroccan art, be it rugs, baskets, scarves, or wall art. This trio of mesmerizing photos celebrates Moroccan architecture. They are sold as a “printable” purchase so you’ll get the high-res files in four sizes, ready for you to print and frame wherever you find the best deal.

  53. Koi Wall Hanging
  54. boho-wall-decor-rattan-burst

    Handcrafted from rattan, this piece of wall art decor literally bursts from your wall. The giant sunburst measures a lovely 42-inches in diameter and is designed for maximum boho impact. 

  55. Layered Fringe Hanging
  56. boho-wall-decor-layered-fringe-hanging

    This boho wall hanging utilizes a variety of textures and is a classic example of how woven pieces can add warmth and texture to a room. It’s like an oversized, cozy sweater for your wall!