Get Wild With These 25 Jungle Nursery Decor Ideas

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    Looking for jungle nursery decor for a new baby? A jungle theme is fun and gender-neutral with plenty of wild options. Start with a theme piece you love, then build out from there. And, if in doubt, a herd of stuffed jungle animals will always get you across the line.

  1. Elephant Hamper
  2. jungle-nursery-decor-hamper

    Animals made out of wicker are darn cute, and when they double as a functional item, it’s a match made in heaven. This elephant hamper is big enough to hold all those tons of baby clothes (or toys in a playroom) while stoically holding down the title of “best bedroom decor.”

  3. Felt Mobile
  4. jungle-nursery-decor-mobile

    These cute, colorful creatures will highlight your safari-themed nursery and engage your little one. Made of premium natural wool felt, it includes five jungle animals (elephant, zebra, monkey, lion, giraffe) and plenty of tropical leaves. So pop it on your baby shower registry!

  5. Framed Canvas Print
  6. jungle-nursery-decor-giraffe-print

    Another adorable animal in the jungle safari world is the graceful giraffe. This print is cute, simple, and impacts any wall. Choose between two sizes and a white, black, or natural frame.

  7. Custom Fit Wall Mural
  8.  jungle-nursery-decor-wallpaper

    This wallpaper/mural is an excellent choice for instantly transforming a neutral nursery into a jungle wonderland. Firstly, it’s removable with no residue (perfect for rentals). Secondly, it can be custom-made to fit the exact dimensions of your wall. Finally, the inks are Greenguard Gold Certified which means it’s healthier for kids.

  9. Wool Rug
  10. jungle-nursery-decor-rug

    A nice rug is a superb idea for a nursery as babies tend to spend a lot of time on the floor. This lovely rug is made from 100% wool and is hand-tufted for durability. Your little one will enjoy tummy time on the playmat far more when they can look at these cute animal faces.

  11. Concrete Decor Letters 
  12. jungle-nursery-decor-letters

    When planning safari nursery decor, you’ll need some subtle pieces to balance out all those monkeys and lions. I love the simplicity of these concrete letters. Perfect for displaying on shelves, they make a great addition to your theme. And you can have them made in the colors of your choice.

  13. Monkey Wall Clock 
  14. jungle-nursery-decor-clock

    An original idea for a clock is this wooden monkey wallhanging – both functional and decorative. All he needs is a battery popped into his back. Though they may be a baby, an analog clock is a great teaching tool for kids as they grow – and it also helps mum and dad when bedtime seems to be dragging on.

  15. Jared The 50″ Giraffe 
  16. jungle-nursery-decor-large-giraffe

    Once you set eyes on Jared, it’s hard to say no. Standing at a whopping 50″, Jared the Giraffe is perfectly weighted and balanced to stand without falling over. He’s handmade with soft furry plush and features life-like details, wire-frame legs, and a long adjustable neck made for hugs. 

  17. Baby Animal Wall Art
  18. jungle-nursery-decor-wall-art-set

    This set of four baby jungle safari animals is minimalist, adorable, and vibrant – the strong tropical green background adds a lushness to the room. The unframed 8×10 prints arrive on sturdy, stiff card stock with a high gloss UV coating. Buy your own frames to suit your baby room decor.

  19. Rattan Elephant Head 
  20. jungle-nursery-decor-elephant-head

    This handmade rattan elephant head sure beats taxidermy. A stunning piece of craft, it takes a full day’s work to finish one head, and they’re usually made to order. If you’re seeking a giraffe, rhino, or lion, they also make those!

  21. Table Lamp
  22. jungle-nursery-decor-lamp

    Here’s the thing – you can absolutely choose a lamp with cute baby animals. However, if you’re looking for a standout piece for a kid’s bedroom that’ll grow with them, this incredible gold resin lamp is the bomb.

  23. Bedding Set With Wall Decals 
  24. jungle-nursery-decor-bedding-set

    Instant kids room decor comes in the form of this 5-piece crib bedding set which includes a quilt, fitted crib sheet, crib skirt, elephant lovey (security blanket), and a complete set of wall stickers to decorate around your baby crib.

  25. Animal Drawer Handles 
  26. jungle-nursery-decor-drawer-handles

    Tweak your Ikea furniture with these Scandinavian-style drawer handles, featuring a giraffe, elephant, hippo, rhino, and lion. Each handle is made from solid oak and has two different screw lengths to suit multiple furniture styles. Mix up your animals or stick to one variety; the DIY choice is yours.

  27. Hanging Orangutan Plush
  28. jungle-nursery-decor-orangutan-plush

    Plush animals make fantastic nursery room decor – especially when you’re working with a safari jungle theme! Pick up a few of these orangutans and hang them around curtains, off hooks, on teepee poles, or on any “jungle vines” you may have created. Or, here are some sweet hanging sloths.

  29. Blackout Curtains
  30. jungle-nursery-decor-curtains

    These curtains feature a strong print that will quickly transform your jungle room – as with the mural. Of course, you could go with cute baby animals, but these very realistic curtains will last your child for many years to come (they’d also look epic in a living room!) They’re also blackout curtains, probably the most essential feature for babies and small children.

  31. Wooden Height Chart 
  32. jungle-nursery-decor-height-chart

    This rustic wooden height chart is a simple but original idea, and it’s durable and easy to write on. It also comes with adhesive strips and directions so you can have it installed in a snap. Handcrafted in the US, it’s a lovely minimalist touch for a nursery that may already have a lot of color going on.

  33. Rope Storage Basket 
  34. jungle-nursery-decor-rope-baskets

    These cute giraffe cotton rope baskets are a wonderfully functional piece. I own similar rope baskets and use one to hold a stash of diapers and another to keep creams, ointments, and baby wipes at the changing station area.

  35. Elephant Bookcase 
  36. jungle-nursery-decor-bookcase

    This Crate&Kids elephant bookshelf is a highly creative and unique piece of furniture. It doesn’t come cheap, but it’s pretty awesome. With various cubby shapes and sizes, there’s plenty of space to hold toys, books, and decor – including down the length of the 3D trunk.

  37. Animal Print Hanging Lanterns 
  38. jungle-nursery-decor-lanterns

    One way you could decorate the ceiling of your baby’s nursery is with these simple but vibrant paper “animal hide” lanterns. With 12 to play with, there are multiple ways you could use them, and anything that “lowers” the ceiling creates a cozier space.

  39. Wall Decals 
  40. jungle-nursery-decor-wall-decals

    If wallpaper feels like too much work for your nursery wall decor, you can still make an impact with these cute watercolor decals. The jungle animals are sensory to the touch because of the ultra-thick polyester fabric (not vinyl), and the ink is eco-friendly and non-toxic.

  41. Lion Pillow
  42. jungle-nursery-decor-lion-pillow

    This little lion king sits at a decent 18-inches high with a sweet babyface. He’s a perfect piece of jungle nursery decor– whether on a bed, bookshelf, or chair. Try to find a few other stuffed safari animals with which you can group him.

  43. Handpainted Nursery Wall Art 
  44. jungle-nursery-decor-jungle-print-3

    Add a charming jungle adventure to your nursery with this professionally photographed, hand-painted watercolor trio. The nursery prints come unframed, and you can choose from seven sizes depending on how much space you have. 

  45. Faux Banana Leaf Plant
  46. jungle-nursery-decor-plant

    If you seek more jungle in your “jungle,” artificial plants and ceiling vines can be of great assistance – especially if you’re dealing with a dark room, a not-so-green thumb, or just the fact that some plants can be toxic. This 5-foot banana leaf plant is made of silk and can be blocked off by furniture once your child starts walking.

  47. Giraffe Wicker Basket
  48. jungle-nursery-decor-giraffe-wicker

    Welcome to the jungle, indeed! This giant wicker boho giraffe is excellent for storing all sorts of baby room essentials – baby blankets, diapers, stuffed animals. But he’s also an essential piece of decor in his own right. 

  49. Large Crocodile Plush
  50. jungle-nursery-decor-crocodile

    Here’s another beautiful stuffed animal for home decor magic. This giant crocodile will feel right at home, lying across a rug, a bed, a chair, or your nursery crib (when the baby’s not in there). He’s a maximum impact asset for any jungle theme.