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26 Functional And Chic Coffee Table Trays You Need

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    A coffee table tray is a great way to add character to your living room. Corral favorite decor pieces and create a centerpiece – think candles, books, frames, small plants, and decorative items. And protect your tabletop while you’re at it.

  1. Round Antique Tray 
  2. coffee-table-trays-gold-antique

    This hammered brass-tone tray brings an element of vintage glam to your home and would look just as great on a wood or glass table as it would on a fabric ottoman. It also makes a beautiful serving tray for happy hour – even if it’s just you and the dog.

  3. Modern Table Centerpiece
  4. coffee-table-tray-modern-brown

    This wooden chocolate and gold tray brings instant sophistication to a space with a distinctly modern feel. While the handles make it easy to pick up and move to a side table if you need the space. Even a TV remote will look classy lying about on this piece.

  5. Round Wooden Farmhouse 
  6. coffee-table-tray-round-farmhouse

    How about a beautifully textured, solid wood coffee table tray? The natural acacia wood brings a farmhouse vibe, but the shape makes it more unusual. A round-shaped tray can soften a space with many corners, but it’s also ideal as an ottoman tray – a common substitute for a coffee table in small apartments.

  7. Blue Moroccan Inlay Tray
  8. coffee-table-tray-moroccan-inlay

    Inlay is an ancient decorative art where designs are created from “inlaying” various materials (wood, metal, bone, shells) to dazzling effect. And this tray is here to prove it. The vibrant cobalt hue will easily lift this to centerpiece status, while the Moroccan damask design brings a boho or old-world flavor.

  9. Wooden Hexagon 
  10. coffee-table-tray-hexagon

    An unusual shape like a hexagon can create a unique look for a coffee table. But when coupled with a geometric pattern (made of five kinds of wood), you’ve got yourself a Mid-Century Modern dream tray. This tray is not what you’d consider large, but it’s enough to create a platform for a few critical pieces of coffee table decor.

  11. Round Rattan With Handles 


    With beautiful circular lines and practical wooden handles, this woven tray is a best seller and sure to be a favorite for displaying your coffee table treasures. The natural earthy feel is perfect for farmhouse, boho, or coastal interiors, and you could even hang a few matching ones on the wall.

  13. Rounded Gold Aluminum
  14. coffee-table-tray-round-gold

    Give your indoor space some subtle glitz with this large gold textured platter. You can add accents that enhance the look (like metallic candleholders) or go against the grain with wood or white ceramics to ground it. Meanwhile, a lush potted plant looks good on any tray.

  15. Navy Blue + Gold 
  16. coffee-table-tray-blue-gold

    Navy blue always can bring a regal air to anything it touches, and this classy, contemporary tray is no exception – while the polished metal handles add to the elegance. Though it looks a little like an acrylic tray in the photo, it’s made from lacquered wood.

  17. Sectional Tray Set
  18. coffee-table-tray-sectional

    Are you a little Marie Kondo at heart? If you love an organized look, this sectional tray is for you. The decorative wooden tray comes with five mini trays so you can make a feature of every item. Or use them as removable “coasters.” You could also use this tray in an entryway for sorting keys and such.

  19. Carved Mango Wood
  20. coffee-table-tray-mango-wood

    This sizeable decorative tray (28-inches) already makes an impact, but it’s the intricate hand-carved design that’s the real showstopper. Plus, with built-in handles, it’s easily moved around. Made from Mango hardwood, it’ll be strong and durable for some time to come.

  21. Faux Shagreen Leather
  22. coffee-table-tray-coffee-table-tray-shagreen

    Today, there are fantastic finishing techniques with vinyl that can closely replicate the look and feel of genuine leathers, like shagreen. But the real benefit of faux shagreen is that it’s far more durable and won’t dry out and crack over time. This ivory and gold combination is sophisticated and simple – perfect for neutral home decor.

  23. Black + Rattan
  24. coffee-table-tray-black-rattan

    I love the high contrast of this rattan tray! You get that classic hexagonal mesh look, but the black wood frame makes it striking. It’s a great twist on boho rattan decor but would look equally at home in a modern contemporary room.

  25. Round Honeycomb Base
  26. coffee-table-tray-round-white

    At first glance, you might just see a classic white tray here. But this Caspen tray from Kate and Laurel has a signature honeycomb design bottom (that’s covered with glass.) It’s just enough to pop through for both a modern or art deco look.

  27. Modern Gold Wood 
  28. coffee-table-tray-gold-wood

    There’s something special about a gold tray that manages to captivate a living room. But gold doesn’t have to equate to metal. This coffee table tray is wood covered with gold foil and lacquer – for a completely different texture. The color makes a beautiful “stage” to place tray decor like coffee table books or knick-knacks from your travels.

  29. Boho Engraved Metal
  30. coffee-table-tray-engraved-metal

    This vintage metal tray easily covers rustic, shabby chic, boho, or traditional home decor. Crafted with hammered edges, engraving, and an antique gold finish, it would make a beautiful fixture on your coffee table or ottoman. However, it’s also gorgeous for serving drinks or appetizers.

  31. Art Deco Printed Glass
  32. coffee-table-tray-art-deco

    Printed glass is the winner with this decorative coffee table tray, perfect for vintage knick-knacks – or serving up Side Cars in the dining room. It certainly wouldn’t be out of place on a velvet ottoman.

  33. Round Vegan Leather
  34. coffee-table-tray-round-leather

    Many coffee table trays are made from wood, metal, or acrylic, but another excellent texture for a living room table is leather – or PU vegan leather. This little round handled tray is available in black, grey, and brown and is a very stylish end table asset.

  35. Green Chinoiserie 
  36. coffee-table-tray-chinoiserie

    Decorative serving trays don’t get more beautiful than this faux vintage rectangular tray. Crafted from 100% eco-friendly bamboo, it features a high-quality chinoiserie print with a glossy finish. It would look stunning in a vintage or boho living room and make a gorgeous vanity tray in a bedroom.

  37. Rustic Rattan 
  38. coffee-table-tray-rustic rattan

    This eco-friendly seagrass and rattan tray is a textured but minimalist look for a neutral or coastal room. It’s tightly woven, creating a durable sturdiness that can easily balance displayed treasures (and hot coffee.)

  39. The Golden Arch
  40. coffee-table-tray-handled

    A wood serving tray that provides a place to elevate your home accessories, this Maxfield tray inspires sophistication. Its eye-catching golden arched handle and unique design bring about strong Mid-Century vibes.

  41. Gray + Gold Hexagon
  42. coffee-table-tray-metal-hexagon

    Make a statement with this faux concrete and gold hexagon tray. It’s elegant, it’s subtle, and it’s easy to carry. Made from wood, it’s an arresting piece for a countertop happy hour or showcasing your favorite items on an ottoman or coffee table.

  43. Green Marble Swirl
  44. coffee-table-tray-green-marble

    This glass marble-print tray features abstract swirls of blue, turquoise, white, and gold and can readily be displayed as a piece of art on its own. But it’s also very functional (with handles and an easy-to-clean surface), which means it could double down as a pretty drink or bed tray.

  45. Galvanized Metal 
  46. coffee-table-tray-galvanized

    Bring the outside in with this galvanized metal tray, perfect for rustic, farmhouse, or industrial home decor. It’s an ideal way to pull focus, and it’s large enough to stack books alongside candles, flowers, or decorative items.

  47. Vintage Regal Monkeys
  48. coffee-table-tray-enamel-monkeys

    England’s “eccentric stately homes” inspired this ornate, and rather spectacular, round tray. It’s steel-finished (so it’s sturdy) with a lacquered top and is sure to be the talking point of your coffee or dining table – time and time again.

  49. White Wash Farmhouse Tray
  50. coffee-table-tray-whitewash

    Looking for a large and versatile tray for your farmhouse décor living room? This pinewood tray has been stained in distressed whitewash and is all vintage elegance. The sturdy handles and relaxed look also make it a great wooden serving tray for breakfast in bed.

  51. Mirrored Stainless Steel
  52. coffee-table-tray-coffee-table-tray-mirror

    This square mirror tray oozes glamour and makes a stunning vanity or coffee table piece. It’s clean, it’s crisp, it’s bright, and the mirrored top will capture the light for instant sparkle. Flaunt your unique style and curate your favorite decor pieces on top – small sculptures, candles, vases, or books.