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23 Best Small Entryway Tables For Narrow Spaces

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    Small entryway tables are popular because of the narrow nature of entry halls – even in bigger homes. Here we’ve hunted down a collection of consoles that make a small impact on space but leave a mighty impression. To meet our “small” standards, they needed to either take up minimal wall space or be long and very narrow (ideally less than 12″ deep.)

  1. Gold Marble Top
  2. small-entryway-tables-marble-gold

    This eye-catching narrow console table (just 11.6 inches deep) is perfect for displaying photos, small sculptures, candles, flowers, and plants. It would also fit a catchall to wrangle keys. The table is crafted with a matte gold metal frame and a marble-finish wooden top – it’s convincing and a great way to bring down the price tag. 

  3. Rustic Multi-Level
  4. small-entryway-tables-rustic-levels

    Here’s a small rustic piece of furniture that certainly packs a punch, able to display a remarkable array of functional and decorative items over its four levels. The tallest level comes in at 34-inches, but it remains nice and narrow at just 12-inches deep.

  5. Tall Tray Top 
  6. small-entryway-tables-tray-top

    This modern-day “tray table” pays homage to iconic Finnish design and is crafted with a mid-century modern finish. The raised edges provide security for photo frames and vases.  At 15.8 inches deep, it’s not as narrow as our other picks but the overall compact size makes it great for small spaces. Buy a couple more as sofa tables.

  7. Ikat Inlay Pedestal 
  8. small-entryway-tables-ikat-inlay

    This beautiful pedestal table may be tiny but she’s all about making maximum impact. Sure, you’ll only fit one thing on top (in my childhood that was a rotary phone) but she’ll be the talking point of every guest that idles by– and fits in the tiniest apartments. The table is handcrafted and features intricately patterned bone inlay and resin.

  9. Mid-Century 2-Drawer  
  10. small-entryway-tables-2-drawer-white

    An entryway side table with drawers is always a good idea. You can easily toss keys, wallets, and mail straight into them without creating a visible mess (but don’t tell Marie Kondo!) This mid-century pine wood console adds a fresh look with its antique white finish but you can also choose chocolate or slate.

  11. Half-Moon Minimalist
  12. small-entryway-tables-half-moon-black

    A half-moon table can be great for space-saving – you get a slightly wider tabletop but the rounded edges take up far less space. It can also add more softness to a room or hall. This console with a black metal frame and espresso tabletop would complement an industrial look nicely.

  13. Tall Accent Box 
  14. small-entryway-tables-blue-box

    Perched atop an open iron frame, this royal blue accent table features a drawer to help corral that clutter. The size is really all you need in a small space – display a favorite ornament and collect odds and ends in the drawer when you walk in the door. 

  15. The Hourglass
  16. small-entryway-tables-hourglass

    This hourglass console is small in depth (11.8″) but big on storage space, which is precisely what a narrow hallway calls for. As long as you have the wall available for the long 47″ top board, it isn’t going to take up any walkway space. Plus the curved shape allows you to push other pieces right up next to it– like baskets.

  17. Foldable Tray  
  18. small-entryway-tables-foldable-tray

    If you don’t have room for much of anything but would love a hall table with a few knick-knacks, these versatile tray tables are for you. The table makes an instantly glam statement but you can also FOLD IT UP should you need your space back. Or quickly move it to moonlight as a living room coffee table. Choose from an impressive 13 shades of  tray. 

  19. Floating Console
  20. small-entryway-tables-floating

    Here’s an epic solution for lack of space – a floating foyer table! This small console table is modern, elegant, and made to order from solid wood. The clean, curved lines bring a softness and there’s still plenty of space for flowers, ornaments, small photo frames, and keys. The natural wood finish is perfect for Mid-Century interior design.

  21. Half-Moon Tri-Shelf
  22. small-entryway-tables-half-moon-tri

    Excellent as a small entryway console table, this half-moon piece brings a touch of traditional style. The rounded edges save space while the unexpected middle shelf provides one more spot to display something you love. The table’s finished in a rich cherry tone but a white version is also available.

  23. Contemporary Rectangle
  24. small-entryway-tables-rectangle

    Simple, timeless, and elegant, this black rectangular console has a small presence but adds impact with turned legs, carved accents, and a lower shelf. At 11.8″ deep it falls easily into our narrow category but can hold two shelves worth of your favorite artifacts. Also available in grey and brown.

  25. Square Accent
  26. small-entryway-tables-white-square

    A small square entry table is perfect for squeezing into unused corners or making a space feel bigger through lack of clutter. The single drawer serves as a quick stash for car keys and wallets while the bonus bottom shelf allows for extra home decor. There’s one to suit every space with nine colors available.

  27. Drop Leaf Table
  28. small-entryway-tables-drop-leaf

    If you have a narrow entryway, functionality is essential, and this rustic drop leaf table fulfills that promise. The console shelf is 14″ deep, but with a simple finger release mechanism, it folds right down, allowing more accessibility when you need it. Think of it as the Murphy bed of entryway tables!

  29. French Modern
  30. small-entryway-tables-blue-drawer

    Open the front door to a French modern farmhouse feel with this blue-grey console with gracefully curved legs, a scalloped drawer, and an ornate rustic gold knob. But beauty aside, the real asset to this sideboard is its depth – just 9.84″ and one of the narrowest of our picks. 

  31. Natural Oak 3-Tier
  32. small-entryway-tables-natural-oak

    For rooms with a clean, fresh, or beachy vibe, this oak and beech wood 3-tier stand is the perfect fit and takes up little floor and wall space (11.8″ deep.) As compact as it is there is still plenty of room for books, frames, candles, boxes, catchalls, and flowers.

  33. Industrial Charging Station 
  34. small-entryway-tables-long-industrial

    This rustic, industrial-style table is super unique and immediately sets the vibe for your home. What makes it so original though is the hidden charging station – two hidden plug outlets with a 5ft power cord. Keep your phone where you won’t lose it, plugged in by the front door. With all those features it’s surprisingly only 10.6″ deep.

  35. Golden Glass Top
  36. small-entryway-tables-glass-top

    All modern sophistication, this minimalistic console features a sleek, tinted glass top and a convenient bottom storage rack for novels, magazines, mail, or even plants. Its small stature (8 x 16 inches) means it can easily fit into small spaces and the padded feet prevent floor scuffing.

  37. A Cubist Affair
  38. small-entryway-tables-cubes

    An original twist on storage cubes, this small entryway table is made of natural wood with metal crossbars – resulting in a rustic feel and open shelves. The footprint it takes up is minimal (16.5″ x 12.75″) and it looks great on any angle.

  39. Vintage Blue
  40. small-entryway-tables-vintage-blue

    Part of Kelly Clarkson’s curated Wayfair collection, this vintage blue console is strikingly beautiful yet subtle. The piece has fluted legs and a slightly curved front providing a French country-inspired vibe and measures just 10″ deep – so it perfectly fits our entryway goals.

  41. Hair Pin Legs 
  42. small-entryway-tables-hair-pin-legs

    This slimline, reclaimed timber table is perfect for a narrow or small space (it’s just under 6″ deep!). The height also allows for storage underneath – from baskets to shoe racks to even a radiator. The best part is that it’s made to order just for you – choose from eight finishes (ranging from natural through to cherry brown) as well as length (from 16 to 60″.) 

  43. Antique Iron 
  44. small-entryway-tables-bronze-narrow

    This iron console is small, simple, and clean and has a nice slim profile (8″ deep.) In a rare but brilliant move, it also has legs with adjustable levelers that adapt to varying floor levels. The three shelves allow for a full range of decorative pieces – you could certainly fit a decent-sized plant on that bottom shelf.

  45. Boho Bamboo Weave
  46. small-entryway-tables-boho

    Made from natural oak with bamboo woven drawers, this console is perfect for a Boho home. There’s ample storage space between the two large drawers and plenty of room to style your space on the tabletop. Though this isn’t our smallest pick, it’s still only 11.8″ deep, and reviewers rave about it fitting nicely into their small entryways.