21 Stylish Ways To Level Up Your Nightstand Decor

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    A bedside table is a place to keep your nightly essentials, but a messy one can ruin the entire vibe of your bedroom. So when choosing nightstand decor, get really specific. Select items that bring you joy but are also (for the most part) functional. Here are a few ideas to level up your bedroom.

  1. Modern Table Lamp
  2. nightstand-decor-lamp

    Nightstands usually require a lamp for reading purposes. This modern linen shade with lanky golden legs is stylish, original, and eyecatching. And though it isn’t the smallest lamp on the market, the open leg design creates a feeling of space. This lamp would also make a beautiful end table piece.

  3. Alarm Clock
  4. nightstand-decor-alarm-clock

    It’s time to move back to a traditional alarm clock! It’s not healthy to start your day on the phone, plus an old-fashioned analog clock makes for a damn stylish piece of bedroom decor. This Newgate “Fred” alarm clock has a brown and black color scheme and large, easy-to-read hands. 

  5. Charging Stone
  6. nightstand-decor-charging-stone

    If you’re not willing to leave your phone in the living room overnight, then it’s time to up your bedroom charging station. Let’s be honest, a power cord or plastic charger stand look ugly on a nightstand. But this minimalist marble stone looks sleek and stylish. Remove your phone, and it can 100% pass as decorative art.

  7. LLama Trinket Dish
  8. nightstand-decor-llama-dish

    Llamas aren’t just for kids. This brass trinket catch-all is perfect for holding change, jewelry or knickknacks. And when it’s not, it’s a downright gorgeous decorative accent. So watch that bedroom nightstand pop!

  9. Potted Plant
  10. nightstand-decor-pot

    A key decorating tip beloved by interior designers is greenery. Aside from how great plants look, they also bring fresh oxygen into your space. This gold-detailed pot is perfect for a small space at just 5-inches wide. Then, grab a Pilea Peperomioides plant here. It’s an ideal indoor plant and has rich air-purifying properties.

  11. Crystal Carafe + Tumbler
  12. nightstand-decor-carafe

    An elegant bedside table calls for an elegant carafe – like this lead-free etched crystal set that’s both functional and romantic. It’s also a great nightstand decor idea for a guest room, providing friends and family with a stylish hydration station. 

  13. Wooden Decorative Object 
  14. nightstand-decor-wooden-decor

    Crafted of reclaimed wood, this decorative chain sculpture adds instant art to a bedside console. Prop it atop a book stack to save tabletop space and give it height. Like the look of these coffee table books? Look no further… Scandinavia Dreaming, New York Design, The Kinfolk Table, and In the Company of Women.

  15. Framed Photo or Art
  16. nightstand-decor-frame

    A framed family photo or piece of art looks fantastic as table decor. Choose a frame that matches the rest of your decor or that can serve as a stand-out piece like this elegant gold frame. Then lean it against the wall – to save the most space – and layer other pieces in front of it. 

  17. Art Print
  18. nightstand-decor-art

    An example of a great art print for framing is this abstract boho line art. It’s simple but creates a real focal point if the rest of your nightstand is quite simple. These pieces are Etsy DIY printables, so you simply buy the download in multiple sizes (less than $5) and then take the file to your favorite printer.

  19. Leather Journal
  20. nightstand-decor-journal

    Many people like to have a notebook or journal close to their bed for jotting down ideas, inspiration, dreams, or gratitude lists. So make it part of your fancy decor by choosing a sexy leather-bound journal. That way it’s always at arm’s length but utterly eyecatching.

  21. Bedside Sconce
  22. nightstand-decor-sconce

    One of the most essential pieces for a small nightstand may technically not be on your nightstand. Though a lamp can be a necessity it takes up a lot of space. Enter the wall sconce. It looks like a lamp and acts like a lamp, but it hovers over your table. I’m rather obsessed with the antique-inspired glamour of this sconce.

  23. Ceramic Leaf Dish
  24. nightstand-decor-dish

    A trinket tray is another great place to hold earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, contacts lenses, hairbands etc. This deep green leaf with gold trim is elegant and moody. It would look fantastic up against dark walls or wallpaper, as well as stacked atop your favorite bedside books.

  25. Jar Candle
  26. nightstand-decor-candle

    You’ll instantly be transported to lush forests of oakmoss, ferns, and lichens with this candle, bringing calm and serenity into your sacred space. Each candle is hand-poured and mixed in small batches in Oregon with environmentally friendly ingredients. And honestly, even if you never light it a candle always makes excellent home decor.

  27. Coffee Table Books
  28. nightstand-decor-book

    A coffee table book is typically a beautifully illustrated book that inspires conversation or passes the time. But they can look incredibly chic on your nightstand. As space is limited, choose books you’d actually want to flick through before bed – like the stunning Let’s Get Lost, wanderlust photography from some of the remotest locations around the globe.

  29. Spike Sphere 
  30. nightstand-decor-spike-decor

    Abstract sculptures like these spike spheres add interest to a room and can be stacked on books to save space. The gold tone is also a great way to add elegance to a more neutral color scheme. 

  31. Ceramic Diffuser
  32. nightstand-decor-diffuser

    Bring the calm back to your snooze space with an essential oil diffuser. But don’t pick any diffuser. Purchase with your bedroom design in mind. A neutral-colored ceramic diffuser is perfect for almost any vibe and this little space saver is just 3.5 inches wide. It also comes with four timer settings.

  33. Inlay Jewelry Box
  34. nightstand-decor-jewelry-box

    Another place to place your jewelry at night is in an actual jewelry box by your bed. But choose one that can double up as a piece of art – like this gorgeous red floral inlay box, handcrafted in India. At 8 inches, it won’t take up much horizontal space.

  35. Magnesium Body Butter 
  36. nightstand-decor-magnesium-butter

    Like to keep moisturizer on your nightstand? If so, don’t clutter your table with ugly bottles and tubes. This magnesium cream is a win-win. Firstly, it’s a wonder cream – able to relax muscles and help you drift off to sleep. Secondly, though not the cheapest brand, it’s an attractive minimalist tube that’ll blend in as part of your decor.

  37. Rattan Decorative Tray 
  38. nightstand-decor-tray

    Invite an instant boho spirit into your master bedroom with an intricately woven rattan tray. A tray can be a great way to give a table a quick makeover. It can corral your accessories – candles, notebooks, trinket dishes – and make them look neater and more purposefully displayed. It can also protect bedroom furniture from scratches.

  39. Minimalist Abstract Vase 
  40. nightstand-decor-vase

    A vase can be a perfect accent on a side table for either fresh flowers or faux, like some pampas grass. Ideally, you’ll want a vase that takes up minimal real estate, like this abstract vase that’s both striking and only 5 x 3 inches across the base.

  41. White Noise Machine  
  42. nightstand-decor-white-noise

    White noise machines are fast becoming popular for adults. I can attest to my own addiction and now wish to sleep with one for the rest of my life. If you’ve been thinking of buying one, check out this wood grain bestseller that’s way more aesthetically pleasing for a modern nightstand. It features 31 soothing sounds, both white noise, and nature.