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28 Tropical Decor Ideas To Warm Up Your Home

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    Tropical home decor is on the rise. Clean lines, fresh palettes, and lots of greenery will create a tranquil feeling for your home decor. Lush colors and banana leaf pillows are sure to bring some warmth into your home, even on the coldest days. So hop on the modern tropical decor trend and get some decorating ideas with these fun pieces for your home.

  1. Bar Cart
  2. tropical-decor-bar-cart

    This Sage retro trolley is the perfect round bar cart to use while hosting guests at your next cocktail or dinner party with its two beautiful rounded edge trays for your favorite glassware and drinks; looking for more bar cart ideas? You can find them here. 

  3. Woven Baskets
  4. tropical-home-decor-basket

    These baskets are a great addition to any room in your home. Great for storage or even as a planter for a tropical palm tree. These are great quality baskets and add a unique tropical touch to your room decor!

  5. Arc FloorLamp
  6. tropical-decor-lamp

    The perfect solution for illumination around the urban-inspired sectional or any living space with a natural vibe. The three barrel-shaped lanterns look like tikis and are composed of brown cane sticks and lined with a fabric-like white rice paper to diffuse the light.

  7. Luxury Arm Chair
  8. tropical-decor-arm-chair

    Not just a pretty face. This modern luxury style barrel accent chair with its elegant channel tufting makes a cozy seat in any room. The bright pink will add a pop of color and a fun tropical feel to your interior design. There is nothing like a pink flamingo-colored chair to add some style to your tropical interior.

  9. Tropical Paradise Coffee Table
  10.  tropical-decor-table-tropical

    Every living room needs a finishing touch, and with the Tropical Theme Paradise Coffee Table, you’re looking at it! Made using a sleek Baltic birch top with an ultra-smooth durable gloss finish. The Hawaiian vibes are sure to be the centerpiece of your living room.

  11. Banana Leaf Vase
  12. tropical-home-decor-vase

    Add a distinctive look to your home with this eye-catching floor vase, crafted from ceramic and inspired by green tropical leaves and fronds. Its open details add a breezy touch to your decor, while its green finish blends effortlessly into both monochromatic and vibrant spaces—a beautiful decorative accent for any room.

  13. Outdoor Chair Set
  14. tropical-decor-chair-set

    Develop a new obsession in your outdoor living space with this bistro lounge set. Its design is perfect for lounging with friends over drinks. It’s a sophisticated addition in any capacity, and it’s crafted with a handwoven, see-through wicker design sure to complement any porch, patio, or garden decor. This will give your yard the getaway vibes you were looking for.

  15. Tropical Framed Art
  16. tropical-decor-framed-art

    Set of six stunning framed tropical wall decor prints created by modern tropical for creative expression in traditional, contemporary, and urban homes. Designed to be hung together, this hand-curated wall art set provides the perfect focal point with its vibrant color to bring to life any room with style.

  17. Hammered Gold Table Lamp


    Update any living room with this contemporary table lamp. Crafted with a subtle texture highlighted by a plated gold finish, it casts a dramatic shimmering glow. It is an instant focal point, and designers love the soft light diffused by its elegant shade.

  19. Palm Leaf Pillow Cover
  20. tropical-home-decor-leaf-pillow

    A fresh twist on an iconic look will add a tropical feel to your couch. The pattern for a lush, dynamic feel and added colors that are bold but easy to work with.

  21. Coconut Shell Candle Holders
  22. tropical-home-decor-candle-holder

    This candle set comes with three coconut-scented tealights made from 100% natural coconut shells that would have ended up in landfills. Every reclaimed coconut shell is unique, with its shape, colors, and markings. Each coconut wooden candle holder is a piece of art crafted by hand and beautifully designed by skilled artisans in Vietnam. These can be used as table centerpieces or living room decor for tropical or coastal decor.

  23. Dwight Storage Cabinet
  24. tropical-decor-cabinet

    Slide into modern pizzazz with the cabinet—wide-scale open storage stacks up electronic accessories, board games, and your vintage record player. Cane doors glide back and forth for easy access to your entertaining fare or screening of cable boxes and the like. Five small drawers tuck away decks of cards, remotes, or current reads. Storage and style – you do it all with this anywhere console rocking an eclectic retro look in the entryway, dining room, or living space.

  25. Pineapple Planter
  26. tropical-decor-pineapple-planter

    Flowerpot is made from resin and green leaves produced from plastic; this unique designed pineapple potting is an ideal small ornament for the office, living room, bathroom accessories, or window ornaments. 

  27. Rattan Headboard
  28. The Rattan Petal Open Frame Headboard was inspired by the lush tropical flowers and foliage found throughout travels. The natural color of this rattan furniture will add that tropical style to your bedroom decor.

  29. Pampas Grass Reeds
  30. tropical-home-decor-pampas

    Who knew the newest trend would be fluffy grass? Even just one stalk perfectly complements modern decor: minimal white walls look better with a branch of pampas grass, adding fluff and texture. Colorful tones, paired with this lush floral, feel like it could persevere another decade.

  31. Tropical Leaves Ceiling Fan
  32. tropical-decor-fan

    Keep your space cool with a palm leaves ceiling fan. This fan has a warm design that will complement almost any space. Hang it in a living area or family room to keep things cool in the summer months. 

  33. Leopard Head Vase
  34. tropical-decor-vase

    The noble leopard has been tamed and brought indoors to become a quirky vase so we can admire his grace and beauty. Whether full of flowers or just an item of beauty, this leopard vase also makes a striking cutlery holder instead. Made from slip-cast, hand-painted stoneware, and dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning nice and easy.

  35. Hammock Chair
  36. tropical-decor-hammock-chair

    Handmade boho chic hammock style swing brings style and unique touch to any home. Ideal bedrooms, gardens, or anywhere you want a space to chill. Hanging your hammock chair Pivot Style allows you to rotate 360 degrees and drift smoothly while you relax. An excellent chair for a beach house!

  37. Palm Tree Leaf Tapestry Wall Art
  38. tropical-decor-tapestry

    For a quick and easy home or office makeover, this tropical plant wall tapestry is a great way to add a modern touch of décor and a pop of color to any room in your home or office. This wall decor serves as a beautiful piece of wall art that can frequently be changed to accommodate different vibes.

  39. Area Rug
  40. tropical-decor-rug

    The perfect summer rug, using sun-kissed natural seagrass fibers to bring a touch of nature into any home. Ideal to use as a base for stylish bohemian chic rug layering. The neutral-colored seagrass fibers allow for seamless integration into any décor. The cotton border is available in a multitude of colors to add a fashionable touch.

  41. Flamingo Throw Pillow
  42.  tropical-decor-pillow

    Brighten up any space with the Gordon Flamingo Hooked Throw Pillow. A pink-on-white flamingo motif and unique hooked texture add an element of fun to your décor. This will bring tropical vibes wherever it goes in your home.

  43. Conner Coffee Table
  44.  tropical-decor-table

    The trestle base is crafted from walnut wood and showcases a six-pointed star shape, so it’s sure to work well in any contemporary setting. The round top is crafted from tempered glass for some subtle sophistication and provides the perfect perch for a reading lamp of a mug of joe.

  45. Rattan Cabinet
  46. tropical-home-decor-cabinet

    Meet a modern retro must-have: the rattan cabinet. Place it in your entryway for on-the-go storage or use it as an impromptu bar cabinet in your living area. It’s crafted of wood with front doors woven of natural rattan.

  47. Accent Mirror
  48. tropical-decor-mirror

    Mirrors, a staple decor item in every home, have become more than just a mirror that has become a piece of art. This unique design and exclusive technique allow the ink to be raised a few millimeters above the mirror yet remain scratch proof and fade resistant. As with the benefits of a traditional mirror, it naturally provides an appearance of increased space in the surrounding area and increased brightness and lighting.

  49. Shower Curtain
  50. tropical-decor-shower-curtain

    This tropical palm leaves shower curtain will definitely give you Hawaii vibes. The vibrant teal banana leaves pattern will add some fun to your morning routine. Give your bathroom a new look within minutes.

  51. Bamboo Changing Screen
  52. tropical-decor-changing-screen

    Create a space in your home that combines both elegance and functionality with our bamboo screen. Each piece has been processed for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether used in a residential or commercial facility, this screen will be excellent at separating specific areas for privacy and for better-utilizing space. It is space-efficient, where each screen can be folded and stored away easily when not in use.

  53. End Table
  54. tropical-home-decor-table

    Bring home all the vacay vibes with this Bohemian-style end table. Crafted from coconut shells arranged in a cube shape, this table’s small dips add tons of texture to your space. The low height is ideal for shorter sofas and chairs, and it’s sturdy enough to double as a stool when needed.

  55. Palm Leaf Trivets
  56. tropical-home-decor-trivets

    Add those tropical vibes with these trivets. It is made of 100% high-quality food-grade silicone with a unique Monstera leaf design that can withstand temperatures up to 450℉. You can use them as oven mitts to protect your hands when holding hot pans, open tight jars, or even as kitchen decor!