21 Striking Ways To Style Your Room With Rattan Wall Decor

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    Rattan is once again trending (did it ever leave?) A sustainably grown and hardy vine, it’s easily woven into almost anything – shelving, placemats, lampshades, and an insane amount of furniture. So whether your style is boho, coastal, retro, farmhouse, or modern, rattan wall decor can be a striking accent.

  1. Arched 3-Tier Shelf 
  2. ratten

    Crafted of natural rattan, this open wall shelf brings an airy vibe to your room or entryway. The arched silhouette softens the piece, while the three large shelves hold plenty of items – like houseplants, decorative items, photo frames, or beauty products.

  3. Boho Baskets
  4. rattan-wall-decor-boho-baskets

    These handwoven rattan wicker baskets offer a diverse set of uses – from vegetable or fruit baskets in the kitchen to relaxing greenery in the bedroom. However you choose to creatively use them, these hanging baskets can bring a boho, coastal, or rustic vibe to your decor.

  5. Circular Wall Shelf 
  6. rattan-wall-decor-round-shelf-display

    This high-quality handwoven wall shelf offers a more pulled-together shelving option. Think of it as a singular piece of decor and style accordingly – perhaps with small treasures from your travels, items that bring you serenity (candles, incense, greenery, small frames), or for a coastal feel you could fill with seaside collectibles.

  7. Dreamy Clouds
  8. rattan-wall-decor-clouds

    A dreamy set of rattan clouds can create a feeling of calm in a special space, like a bedroom, baby nursery, or even a bathroom. These decorative wall pieces are a simple and effective use of rattan and pair well with other rattan wall decor.

  9. Planter with Faux Eucalyptus
  10. rattan-wall-decor-planter

    Looking for some low-maintenance greenery for your walls? This hanging rattan planter comes decked out with lush green eucalyptus leaves that’ll never turn brown. The artificial plant looks incredibly real and is simple enough to blend in with other neutral stylings.

  11. Woven Basket Wall Decor
  12. rattan-wall-decor-basket-trio

    These woven wall baskets are made from seagrass rattan and bring a bright and airy feeling to a room. The wall basket set is inspired by traditional African baskets and can be arranged in any number of creative ways. 

  13. Rainbow Shelf
  14. rattan-wall-decor-rainbow-shelf

    If you’re not after a large shelf ensemble, these little arch shelves are cute as a button! Fill with beauty products in the bathroom, plants in the kitchen, or show off mementos or a large candle in the living room. 

  15. Wall Framerattan-wall-decor-frame
  16. Rattan’s greatest trick is its ability to instantly bring up memories of white sandy beaches and pristine emerald waves. It just oozes retro island vibes. Frame a favorite memory from a beach vacay or select a few tropical images to create a photo gallery, hanging some frames horizontally and some vertically.

  17. Sunburst Wall Mirror
  18. rattan-wall-decor-sunburst-mirror

    Bring a pop of earthy, boho charm to your room with this large rattan sunburst. The gorgeous mirror is the centerpiece you’ve been looking for, accented with an eye-catching green cord. 

  19. Floating Shelves
  20. rattan-wall-decor-floating-shelves

    Floating shelves that come with a “rail” such as these are perfect for displaying more unstable objects like coffee table books, magazines, and frames without stands. Buy two or three and create a shelving display that’s unique to you and your favorite things.

  21. Wall Hooks
  22. rattan-wall-decor-hooks

    Wall hangers are a highly underestimated piece of wall decor. Aside from holding jackets, bags, or robes, they’re also a great way to display hanging plant baskets, scarves in varying colors and textures, a hat collection, or a gorgeous piece of macrame. Sold as a set of three.

  23. Koboo Wall Sculpture  
  24. rattan-wall-decor-sculpture

    This eclectic rattan fan brings a soft, cozy feeling to a boho or nature-inspired space. It’s adorned with a tassel at the bottom for added texture but is simple enough to hang alongside photos and paintings as part of a gallery collection.

  25. Swing-Arm Sconce
  26. rattan-wall-decor-sconce

    Here’s a secret for small spaces – invest in a sconce! Table and floor lamps take up valuable space but a sconce fastens right to your wall. This rattan sconce is both casual and chic, and the bronze swing-arm allows you to direct light exactly where you need it. Perfect for upping the coastal or boho home decor in a bedroom, living room, or dining room.

  27. Butterfly Wall Art Set
  28. rattan-wall-decor-butterflies

    Rattan wall art can also be cute! These gorgeous rattan butterflies are sweet and ethereal and purely for decoration. They’re also super retro and would make excellent boho wall art. 

  29. Wall Clock
  30. rattan-wall-decor-clock

    Looking for a super functional piece of rattan wall decor? Look no further than this faceless analog clock. Measuring 10-inches across, it requires a single AA battery but it’s completely silent, so it won’t intrude on your sleep or thinking time.

  31. White Rattan Basket
  32. rattan-wall-decor-wicker-basket

    This white basket is a beautiful piece for hanging on the wall, whether purely for looks or to store items. The decorative bowl design is super vintage, and the basket will nicely complement a boho or farmhouse-styled home.

  33. Magazine Wall Rack  
  34. rattan-wall-decor-magazine-rack

    An interesting piece of living room decor is these Scandinavian-vibe storage baskets, complete with PE rattan grid design. But don’t limit their functionality to magazines. These wall trays can display your favorite books or vintage newspapers, store mail in your entryway, or hold “to-do” filing in the office.

  35. Koi Wall Hanging 
  36. rattan-wall-decor-koi

    Radiating like a giant sun, this rattan wall hanging literally bursts forth from the wall. This boho wall decor measures a substantial 42-inches in diameter and is designed for maximum impact in a bedroom, living space, or over a dining table.

  37. Crescent Moon Duo 
  38. rattan-wall-decor-half-moons

    It’s the details that make a house a home – like this cute wall decor set. The crescent moon duo adds a touch of texture with a pinch of whimsy, perfect for a boho bedroom or nursery, or zen living room.

  39. Pineapple Mirror 
  40. rattan-wall-decor-pineapple-mirror

    Bring a fun, tropical feeling to your space with this handmade wall mirror that’s also a pineapple! A perfectly quirky piece for hanging over a bar cart, in the bathroom, in an entryway, or among a tropical wall gallery.

  41. Eye Mirror
  42. rattan-wall-decor-evil-eye

    This gorgeous wicker wall decor is indeed eye-catching and comes with a complete set of DIY lashes to construct as shown, or in any design you prefer. Use it as a lucky “evil eye” talisman over your bed, or buy a pair and quirk up your living space.